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Freezing Cookies

It is no secret that my family loves cookies. Homemade cookies are our favorite. We have been well supplied in cookies the last few months because I have been working on my new cookie project. At times we have had too many cookies. Well maybe not too many cookies because I am not sure you can ever have too many cookies, but we have had […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

How To Be Gluten Free- The Book I Wish I Had Read Three Years Ago

My friend Linda, The Gluten Free Homemaker, recently wrote an ebook called, How to Be Gluten Free. I love this ebook. This is the ebook I wish I had to read when I first went gluten free. I read a lot of gluten free books those first few months I was gluten free, but many of those book just added to the overwhelmed feeling that I had […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Where To Buy Gluten Free Flours and Ingredients

So far in my Gluten Free Food Facts series we have covered quinoa and also the various varieties of rice that are common in America. I was going to share about another gluten free ingredient today, but instead I decided to deal with a question that I have been asked several times over the last few weeks. And that question is, where do you buy your gluten free […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures