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Ceramic Griddle and Why I Love It

ceramic griddle

I posted a few months ago about a new griddle that I bought and I realized that I had not shared an update about it. I love it, so I thought it would be a perfect thing to share for a gift giving post.

I have owned a griddle for years. I love how a griddle cooks pancakes, french toast, grilled cheese, and quesadillas. A griddle usually gives you a more even temperature than stove top cooking. It also usually holds a lot more food than a skillet on the stove.

For years I owned an electric griddle that I loved. At least I loved it until the non-stick coating wore off. I would have bought the exact same griddle, but the brand no longer makes griddles so I researched what I should replace it with.

I love griddles, but I have a love hate relationship with non-stick coating. I love it for easy clean up, but I do not like the fact that it often wears off easily. Because of this I was a little hesitant to buy a regular non-stick one.

I ended up getting the Oster DuraCeramic Griddle and so far I love it. The clean up is so quick and easy. Most of the time it just wipes clean. I have not used it to cook meat or something very greasy, but for things like pancakes, french toast, and grilled cheese the clean up is a breeze.

ceramic griddle

I also love the way it cooks. I think it cooks evenly and well. It does cook a little hotter than my last one, but I think my last one may not have heated as well because of it’s age. So I am loving how this one heats and cooks.

I had a little trouble the first few times I used it, but once I figured out that I needed to lower the temperature a little I love it. It cooks much better than my last one did.

My girls love this as well. They think it works great for Saturday morning pancakes.

The Oster DuraCeramic Griddle has a warming tray which I did not really care about at first. I did not think it was a feature that I would use that much, but we love it. It works great for keeping pancakes warm. It doesn’t hold a lot, but it works well for keeping a few things at a time warm.

The price of this griddle is a little higher than some ceramic griddles, but so far I think it is worth it.

If your family or someone you know loves making pancakes, grilled cheese, and other things like that and they don’t have a griddle this would make a great gift.

A griddle definitely makes life in the kitchen easier!

And this is not a sponsored post. They have no clue who I am. This post contains affiliate links, but besides that I am simply sharing a product I use and love.
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  1. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I am glad you posted this I am actually looking for a good ceramic coated nonstick pan for eggs and omelets and such. You mentioned how you have a love hate relationship with conventional nonstick I understand your feelings. I got rid of all my nonstick coated pans a few years ago because of peeling. I usually use a cast iron pan, but I don’t like how it sometimes absorbs the egg smell. My family seems to have a strong sense of smell and complain when other foods smell like eggs. So I am looking to invest in a good ceramic nonstick pan for just eggs and omelets. I have read so many mixed reviews on all pans from expensive to inexpensive and was wondering if you had any suggestions.

    • I love cast iron for certain things, but not really for eggs and omelets. My mom has used her cast iron for years for cooking eggs, but I have never been happy with the results. Eggs are one of the reasons I keep a non stick pan. I agree though on non stick and that is why I love my ceramic griddle. I have wondered too about the ceramic pans for the stove top and how good they are, but I have not done a lot of research on them and the griddle is the first ceramic I have owned. I think this would make a great Ask the Readers question. I love getting help from my readers on stuff like this because it is a great way to get reviews and thoughts. And readers love to help. I am sure some of them have tried them. This might not help you now, but I am going to do an Ask the Readers post on ceramic nonstick pans for the stove top the first week of January. I think my readers will have some thoughts on what they like and dislike. Thanks for asking the question! I love getting post ideas from readers. 🙂

  3. I saw these about a week ago at Bed Bath and Beyond. If I don’t get one for Christmas I’m going out and getting one afterwards! I love the idea of not cooking on Teflon because it leaches out so many toxic chemicals. They had electric skillets with lids as well as griddles with the ceramic finish. I want both! 🙂

    • I did not know that they made electric skillets with lids in a ceramic feature. I might have to get one of those next time my electric skillet needs replacing!

  4. Nicholebug says

    Is it heavier? I have never used ceramic much for cooking but also dislike the non-stick coating.

  5. I just bought a ceramic griddle and am not certain how to cook on it. When you make grilled cheese, do you use any butter on the bread or on the griddle? Thanks! Fran

    • I butter the bread not the griddle. So far I haven’t need to grease it for very many things. Even for pancakes I just cook it right on it with no grease. I hope that helps answer your question and that you enjoy your griddle.

      • Yes that’s very helpful. Thank you. Do you happen to know of any cookbooks with recipes for ceramic cookware?

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