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Cheeseburger Soup

A couple of friends of mine were recently talking about a cheeseburger soup they had tasted. It reminded me of one I had made several years ago. We had really liked it but I had forgotten about the recipe. I was glad to be reminded of the this soup. I found the recipe and gave it a try again.

The original recipe came from Taste of Home. It had carrots and celery in it. Although carrots and celery are good, I do not think they belong in cheeseburgers. So, I leave them out. The original recipe also calls for Velveeta. I really do not like Velveeta. However , it will give this soup a very creamy texture. American style cheese would also work in this recipe. I prefer to use regular cheddar cheese.

My kids love this recipe. It is a quick and easy and a great fall and winter soup to make.

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  1. SavingSomeGreen says

    Hi Lynn,
    This looks really yummy! I have a feature on my blog called “Souper Saturday” where I share a soup recipe each Saturday. Would you be willing to allow me to link back to this recipe for my feature tomorrow?


  2. Hi Michelle, sure you can link to this soup recipe. I love it when people like me recipes. Thanks for reading my blog.

  3. My mouth is watering. Looks wonderful!

  4. Extraordinary Ordinary Life says

    You are right – the soups are very similar. I also do not like to use Velveeta processed cheese so I use regular cheddar cheese as well. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful recipes.

  5. that sounds delicious. I will try it.. with beancurd.

  6. Cheeseburger Soup looks so good. It will hit the spot on a cool fall night. Thanks and have a great day.

  7. I just saw this. That day that I was going on and on about your 40 minute rolls? This was the soup I was making! Well, a variation of it from (I think it was that person’s variation of the Taste of Home one, though, because they didn’t call for Velveeta). I also left out the celery, but I kept the carrots. The recipe I read had you just adding the flour and butter to the soup, but like you, I cooked it first. So, basically, I made it according to your directions. Hehe. It was delicious!!! And it was awesome with your 40 minute rolls!

  8. My husband saw this recipe on your blog a few weeks ago and asked me to make it. I did, and we loved it! I’ve linked your recipe on my blog because we liked it so much! I’m looking forward to trying some of your other recipes.

  9. how many adults would you say this recipe serves??

  10. Yum! Now I know what we’re having for dinner tonight. Thanks again for all your delicious recipes.

  11. I made this last night – my youngest doesn’t eat potatoes, but I told him it was cheeseburger and french fry soup 🙂 He ate a small bowl which is a MAJOR accomplishment!! I did use my handheld mixer to blend the potatoes so there wasn’t anything that he could pick out. DS7 ate 4 bowls!!

    I served a few potato chips on the side – the kids loved it. DH ate 2 bowls even though he was sceptical when I told him what I was making for dinner.

    KEEPER!! 🙂

  12. I’m wondering is there a printer friendly link ? This sounds like a soup I had in a diner along time ago & it was soooo good. I would like to give it a try.Thanks, Joyce

  13. Made this last week and it was delish! It will go into regular dinner rotation at our house!

  14. Thank you so much for your recipe! I found you through moneysaving The kids gobbled it up! I served it with homemade dinner rolls and a salad. We also love your peanut butter granola recipe.

  15. Ever tried this in the crockpot?

  16. I’ve made this soup recipe many times and LOVE it. My whole family does. it’s especially good with some sort of biscuits or Italian bread to dip into it. I also thought it was strange to have celery and carrots in it but you know what? It works! And gets some veggies into my kids!

  17. Have you ever tried using the frozen peeled/diced potatoes? (Like the ones that are over with the fries, tots and shredded hash-browns?)

  18. I’ve made this soup using a couple of different recipes….my favorite way to do it is use frozen shredded hash browns instead of cutting up potatoes and adding cream cheese as well……I think this is one of those recipes you can’t mess up because you can add or take out a couple of things if you like….either way….its always delicious!


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