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Cinnamon Toast

I recently served my kids a dish for breakfast that they thought was wonderful. It was one of those times where they thought I was brilliant for thinking of such a wonderful breakfast. They really did go on and on about how they loved it and wanted it again, soon and often. Any guesses what I served them?
Cinnamon and sugar toast. Brilliant aren’t I? I can’t believe I was so smart to think of it. 🙂

I explained to my children that I did not invent this dish. Cinnamon and sugar on toast has been around for years. It is quite common, even though they had never had it. I went on to explain that it was served a lot. Jam and honey are much more expensive then a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar. People did not always have jam or honey to serve on their toast so they ate cinnamon and sugar. Cinnamon and sugar was a frugal option.

What surprised me about all of this is how wonderful my kids thought this was. My kids have good home cooked meals all the time. I regularly make cookies and desserts for them to enjoy. And they are thrilled with cinnamon toast.

Now I feel bad that I have never served this to them. I haven’t served it because it is one of those things I ate a ton of growing up. It was a frugal and easy thing to eat for breakfast. If there was not jam or honey we put cinnamon and sugar on our toast. So for me it is not a treat.

But now I will serve my kids cinnamon toast more often. In fact they have been eating it at least once a week.

Is there anyone else out there that has never served cinnamon toast to their kids? Or am I the only one that some how overlooked cinnamon toast?

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  1. Amy @ Finer Things says

    That is my kids’ favorite way to eat toast. 😉

  2. Cinnamon toast was a favorite of my kids growing up. It was a treat when I was growing up.

    Have you ever made Chocolate Gravy for breakfast? My kids ( though grown now) still request this when they come to visit.

  3. sarahdodson says

    My kids love it, too! It’s so addicting and super good. Great breakfast (or at least a part of one).

  4. My husband always begs for cinnamon toast and for me growing up it wasn’t around our house (my mom limited sweets!). So when I made cinnamon toast on fresh homemade bread I think my husband and son threw a celebration – something so simple was really SO good. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it until recently either!

  5. My son who is 2 has had maybe once or twice when my mom was over. But I have never given it to him myself, so thanks for the reminder because I have totally forgotten about how good cinnamon toast is!

  6. Tori, Jessie, Ria, Kat, and Tea. Who is next? says

    I haven’t… and my eldest is 5. I’ll have to see how they like it really soon! (They sure do love my homemade bread with butter – especially when right out of the oven… so I imagine they will enjoy this dish. ^_^)

  7. that’s too funny because we just started eating it here about a month ago and i was like, geez why didn’t i think of this earlier??? LOL

  8. I loved having this as a kid, but I keep forgetting about it to make for kids. They have had it a few times but not in quite a while. YUM! I think I might have to make some this morning. 😀

  9. Try it this way, too. Butter, a thin layer of brown sugar spread all over with a knife, then cinnamon. Broil.

    NOTHING better 🙂 Now I want some.

  10. Momma Roar says

    You’re not alone. I just remembered about it maybe 2 months ago and made it for the kids for breakfast and they flipped over it. Too funny that we had such similar experiences and thoughts about it.

  11. Lori Lynn says

    My boys LOVE cinnamon toast. We always have toast on Tuesday for breakfast. When I give them a slice of cinnamon toast, they rave. Once, when I wasn’t home, they asked their dad to make cinnamon toast and he just sprinkled cinnamon on a piece of buttered toast. They took a bite and said, “What’s this?!?” We remind Daddy of that quite a bit!

    Lori Lynn

  12. Charity McKenzie says

    Honestly cannot imagine how anyone could forget about this awesome food! I ate a fair amount of it growing up and it is still one of my favorite things. Plus it’s the easiest thing ever to make. I’ve made it for snacks or little meals at all times of day for myself. Glad to see you are no longer depriving your children. (just kidding. 🙂 )

  13. When my children are sick, it is tea & toast. I fix them herbal tea with cinnamon toast, then sickness is not so bad. It makes them feel special when sick!
    Another breakfast idea that we had forgotten about was crepes (filled with fresh fruit). One of my children recently asked for this for their birthday breakfast. It was a big hit!

  14. My boys eat it almost every single day. Ha ha. They don’t even care if it’s toasted or not. I have to have mine toasted though! I love it because it’s fast, easy and cheap!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.