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Easy Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese

Many of the emails and questions I get about eating gluten free comes from those new to gluten free. Those that are struggling with the first few months of eating gluten free. I think we all remember those months of struggling to find food that is safe to eat.

So over the next few months I plan to share some simple dinner ideas that just happen to be gluten free. It is the type of food I serve my family and friends. It is food that everyone can love and will probably never think twice about being gluten free.

Today we are starting macaroni and cheese. Macaroni and cheese is one of those classic comfort type foods that many people miss when going gluten free.

The box of mac and cheese from the store is no longer possible. That homemade baked macaroni and cheese like your mom and grandmother used to make, may also be out because many macaroni and cheese recipes contain flour in the sauce.

My recipe though is thick and creamy and is gluten free. There is  no flour in this recipe. It is a simple stove top recipe that can be made in no time. Your kids will love this. And the only special ingredient is the gluten free pasta.


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  1. Kimberly S. says

    Oh my gosh, I will definitely be trying this. I LOVE creamy mac and cheese more than anything and since having to go GF I haven’t found a good substitute. This looks and sounds delicious. I cannot wait to try.

  2. What pasta brand do you prefer?

    • I like Sam Mills or Tinkyada for macaroni type noodles. I hope that helps.

      • Made this tonight with some GF pasta we were able to grab out of town at a Winco. Yum. This was good restaurant quality. I did add 1/4 t. each pepper and dry mustard. Thanks.

        • Thanks that is quite the compliment. I am so glad you enjoyed it. And pepper and dry mustard are a good idea, I have added various seasoning to this and it is always good.

  3. I’m excited to try this! Last week I made my regular baked mac and cheese substituting GF flour. It was awful! Too thick, not creamy and horrible tasting.

  4. Cheesy goodness, my family enjoyed this very much. Thank you!

  5. Sounds oh so yummy…..I miss really good mac & cheese. One question on the receipe; I have an egg allergy as well as Celiac. What would you recommend to replace the egg if anything? Thank you!

  6. I have made this several times in various settings, it gets raves everytime. I have even found Mac n Cheese shredded cheese that is yummy in it. My very picky step son actually requests this dish when he is at our house. I have passed this on to several friends who also live it. I like it with the quinoa pasta best.

  7. Do you do any GF and egg free?

    • We are not egg free, so although not every recipe contains eggs, most of my baked things do contain eggs.

      • I used Ener-g egg replacer and it was great. We eat eggs but not raw eggs. I wasn’t sure if the eggs would cook completely for my liking so that is why I used the replacer. Yummy!

  8. Lynn, can you substitute dairy free milk? Perhaps a almond or cocunut milk? ?

    • I have not tried it so I am not sure. I would think it would work, but it would taste different. You would also have to substitute the cheese with a dairy free cheese to make it dairy free.

  9. Absolutely delicious! Best GF mac & cheese that I have ever made!

  10. Made the gf Mac and cheese recipe yesterday for the first time for my recently diagnosed Celiac 15-year-old granddaughter. We loved the rich, creamy taste! Since I kind of overcooked the gf macaroni, my granddaughter suggested serving the leftovers over a baked potato topped with bacon! Sounds good! I am so glad she is offering suggestions concerning her new “diet”. This transition to gf is getting to be a fun adventure!! All because of your blogs and simple recipes. Lynn. Thanks so much.

    • I am so glad that she enjoyed it! And yes gf pasta can be hard to get just the right donenes. It over cooks easily. I love that you are working hard to help your Celiac granddaughter. She is lucky to have someone that cares enough to go to all the work to help her have food that is safe and delicious! I am glad you have found my site and recipes helpful.

  11. Hi!! This gf recipe looks absolutely incredible and I plan on making it this Thanksgiving! Just a few questions! How many servings does your recipe make? I was thinking of multiplying the recipe by 4 to have more Mac! Would you recommend following the recipe four times or should I make this recipe once using four times as much of the ingredients? Thank you in advance!

    • As a side dish I would say this serves at least six people maybe more depending what else you are serving. For a main dish it probably serves closer to three or four. I think you could easily just four times the recipe and not have to make it four separate times. However, that is going to be a lot of pasta and sauce to stir together. You also need to make sure the egg mixture gets hot and cooked through. So if you four times I would be sure that you have a big enough pot to stir and cook it all with that many ingredients. I might also cook it for a little longer after you add the egg mixture to make sure it gets heated completely. I hope that makes sense. Also if you have never tried this recipe I might make it this weekend to be sure that you enjoy it. We love it, which is why I shared it, but I would hate for you to four times a recipe and not enjoy it because that is a lot of ingredients. I hope you enjoy it and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.