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Everyday Adventures {Week 10}

When I went to put together my everyday adventures post for this week, I realized that I did not take hardly any pictures this week. I do have two pictures for you though along with some thoughts on being tall.


My kids helped me wash windows one day this week. We washed all the windows inside and out, moved deck furniture, and cleaned off the front porch. It was not exactly an exciting job, or one anyone wanted to do, but it needed done so we tackled it one morning.

Since my kids had a great attitude about it I decided to take them out for a treat that afternoon when I had some errands to run. I think we both got a good deal. I now have clean windows and they got a fun treat.


Now for some totally non food talk that I am hoping you all can help me with.

One of the errands I had to run that day was buying jeans for my son. He is 12 and his size 16 slim jeans are way too short. They were borderline capri/waiting for a major flood look, which is not the look a 12 year old boy wants. And I was not being mean or anything in not getting him pants, I just can’t keep up with his growth spurts. The jeans that are too short were ones I bought back in March when we went to Texas on a trip. Less than three months later and they are still huge in the waist, but are now way too short.

I know there are worse problems to have than being a super tall and thin 12 year old, but seriously buying clothes for this kid is challenging. Very few brands even make a kids 18, let alone an 18 slim. We ended up at a farm and ranch type store, because I was pretty sure I could at least find some Wranglers that would fit.

We ended up in the mens’ department buying a size 27×32 slim fit Wrangler. First of all you know you are really thin when you need a slim fit Wrangler. Wranglers are not exactly roomy jeans to begin with.

Second of all what 12 year old has a 32 inch inseam?! Seriously I am not sure I will be able to keep up with buying him clothes. The store only had one pair in the size we needed. Imagine that? You mean there are not many people out there a size 27×32?! πŸ™‚ I guess I will be ordering more online soon.

And can I just say I had major price shock going from a boys size to a men’s size jean.

Since most of you have never seen my husband or me in person, I will let you know that I am 5 foot 10 inches and my husband is 6 foot 5 inches. My oldest daughter is now as tall as I am with a longer inseam and a bigger foot. Most of the time I have to buy extra long jeans and pants, yes they do make those, because normal talls/longs are not long enough for me.

My daughter needs new pants and tried some of mine on this week to see if they would fit and most of my pants were too short for her. My inseam is 35 inches, so I am guessing she now needs a 36 inch inseam.

We are tall people and hard to buy clothes for, especially pants. I am used to this problem and know that it is really not a bad problem to have. Really being tall has it’s good points. It can just be time consuming and expensive to buy us all clothes.

The reason I shared the above picture and my totally non food rant about buying clothes is that I am hoping for some tips on buying really tall teens and pre-teens clothes, especially pants. I am guessing we are not the only tall family out there. Any of you have tips or brands you love for really tall sizes?

I know Land’s End sells some of their kids dress pants in size 18 with inseams up to 32 or 33 inches, so I think that will be our option for dress type pants for my son.Β As far as jeans go, I am thinking he needs to learn to love Wranglers because that may be his only option for now.

For my daughter I found some Lucky Brand jeans in a 36 inseam on sale online for only $29.99. Which is a really really good price that I could not believe I found. I can handle $29.99 for her jeans since she is a hard to find size, but there is no way I am going to pay their normal price next time she needs them. And most of their styles don’t come in a 36 inch inseam anyway. Any thoughts on finding woman’s jeans in a 36 Β or longer inseam without spending $100 a pair?

And I apologize to those of you on the shorter side for height. Thanks for putting up with my complaining about needing long jeans for my family. I know you would probably love to have this problem. πŸ™‚

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  1. I’m only 5’6 but I have a 32 inch inseam. I’m that odd combination that needs a petite rise and a long leg… almost impossible. I love Old Navy jeans. The Diva and Rock Star cuts offer a shorter waist and they come in short, regular, and long. Regulars fit in the length as long as I don’t dry them and the longs cover my feet so they may be 36 or so in length. On the plus side, a girl, especially a teen girl, can get away with adding cute fabric or lace to the bottom of too short jeans and make one of a kind fashion jeans. Boys… not so much.

    • We have loved Old Navy jeans for both kids for years. Old navy is now too short for my daughter. I think they are a closer to a 34 or 35 because they are pretty short on her. Her other problem is she is like a size 2 and that adds to the problem because many extra longs start at a size 4 or 6. And wow you do have a long inseam for your height. One of my sisters is like that and is not that tall but has really long legs. It does make finding pants hard.

  2. Maurice’s has extra long jeans and usually I can find $30 sales.

  3. First let me just say Cherry Berry rocks! Maybe my kiddo needs some today. πŸ˜‰

    Our family is vertically challenged, but I had a a tough time buying pants for my kiddo when she was younger. She was always about as big around as a pencil, with legs up to her neck. LOL Amazon carries Wrangler Slim Fit jeans for men at about $37 a pair (look for cowboy cut). And, I’d try GAP Kids online for dress pants.

    • We love Cherry Berry!

      Amazon was one of the places I was going to check for more Wranglers, I just hadn’t looked for the exact ones we found yet. So thanks for mentioning it. Amazon and online shopping sure has made finding things like this easier!

  4. The best we’ve found is Lands End and LL Bean, since they have all sorts of waist/inseam combinations.

    Also, my hubby is skinny, and he’s had good luck in thrift stores, since people tend to gain weight and then donate their old clothes in pretty good condition. But I know that can be hit or miss and take a while.

  5. Christy B. says

    Amazon sells Wallflower jeans in longer inseams. They say 35″ and 37″ but I think they’re even longer than that. I’m 5’11”, and after reading reviews regarding the length decided to get the 35″. They’re dragging on the floor long! But after a couple wash cycles they’re alright. Amazon makes returns super easy, too. So if they don’t fit, send them right back. $20-26.

    • I have never heard of that brand, so I will definitely check it out. Thanks! Since you are 5’11’ you know exactly how hard it is to find jeans and pants that fit!

  6. My inseam is a 36 and my 12 yo daughters is a 30″ I think now and she is super skinny. Also, she has to wear informs to school. Oh yes, super fun! I splurge on jeans for my self and wear Miss Me. I have found them half off a few times and since I love them and don’t grow out of them, they last me for a few years and fit me well. My daughter on the other hand, Aeropostale is our best friend. Seriously, they have a teen store and a kid store. She can wear a 00 long. They may have boy jeans in those crazy sizes too. They run great sales and I can usually get them for around $22 a pair. It’s worth checking out.

    • I forgot about Aeropostale. She tried some of those on a while ago, but we have not tried recently, so I forgot about them. We will have to try them again. The skinny part makes the long part even harder because so many tall sizes start at a women’s size 4 or 6. And both my kids are really thin. I have heard of Miss Me, but never tried them for myself. I will have to look at them. I am with you, I don’t mind spending more on myself for jeans to get a good pair that fits right because I am not growing. Spending so much on a kid that you know will probably grow some more is the hard part. Thanks for your tips! It sounds like you know exactly how we feel!

      • I have the same issue for my husband. He wears 32×36 and most tall things start at a 34 inch waist. Lands End pants can be ordered with a 32 inch waist and hemmed to a 36 inch inseam. I get his Levi’s jeans at Kohls, but usually have to order them.

  7. Now, if I could just find a good source for dresses for the 12 yo, I’d be in good shape. Either that or I have to hold out until she has boobies. Ugh!

    • Dresses and skirts can be a major problem too. What is the right length on a normal person is not the right length on a really tall person. We are loving the maxi style skirts being in style right now because they are perfect for a tall person.

      • Before the maxi skirts it was impossible for me at 5’6″ to find something modest even so I could not imagine how it was for you guys!

        • Yes skirts are hard. What is normal length on someone your height is way too short on someone tall. And that is why I am loving the maxi skirts right now!

          • Maxi skirts, at 5’2and 3/4″, I would still need six inch heels to wear….and I don’t do heels. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi, I too have tall, thin boys. Levis work, always have to order them online, never in stock! Also, American Eagle,, works well, and they have good sales! Again, we order online, never in stock in stores. AE is also good for longer shorts. Hope this helps! Sarah

    • I think my daughter has had some American Eagle jeans in the past, but I had not thought to check there for boys. So thanks for the suggestion.We have tried Levi’s in stores, but I have not ordered them online. Thanks for that suggestion. I think you are right and online may be the way to go for the really long sizes because no one stocks them.

  9. Forgot to add, ae works well for khakis too!

  10. I am 5’10”, with two grown sons, 6’1″ and 6’5″+……I had the same problem when they were growing up. They were thin with long legs, wish I had a solution for you. All of us struggle with pants lengths and sleeve lengths. I buy my slacks/jeans/long sleeve shirts&sweaters online from JC Penney. They even have extra long. Most other places I have found are very, VERY pricey for their tall items. I think my tallest son’s wife orders online for his docker type slacks and jeans. I wish they made pants in adult sizes like those for kiddos where they have the elastic piece at the waist that has a button hole and button so that you can make them tighter and looser!!!

  11. Levi’s has longer inseams and if there is an outlet center near you you might find some good deals…our outlet center even has a big and tall store in it her in CA.

  12. I’m 5’9″ and although my inseam isn’t quite as long, I can relate to the struggle of buying jeans on a budget. When I was a teenager I could only very rarely find jeans to fit at TJ Maxx, so my mother used to buy me wrangler men’s 28×34 pants (I’m female) and I only had 2 pairs of jeans that I wore in strict rotation. I was a teen in the early ’00s but eventually longer pants came in style so I had an easier time. As an adult I wear 99% skirts, the rest capri pants or leggings, saves me a lot of hassle.

    I also need tall-girl coats and shirts and I’ve had good luck with Eddie Bauer and Lands End tall stuff. Not so much with LL Bean, their stuff is too short and wide for me.

    • I can relate to so much of what you said! I love Eddie Bauer and Lands End tall shirts. Eddie Bauer long sleeved t-shrits are my favorite because the arms are actually long enough and the body is not huge. I have several Eddie Bauer tall coats that I have had for years and it was so worth the money to get ones that fit right. I used to love Eddie Bauer jeans, but they have changed their cut some over the years and they don’t fit me as well anymore. My husband also loves Eddie Bauer tall mens clothes. And I agree LL Bean is way too short and wide for me. I did not own a pair of dress pants until a few months ago when I broke down and spent the money to buy a pair that fit. Wearing a skirt when I needed to dress up was always just easier. I love the maxi skirts being in style because they fit a tall person great.

      And I totally understand the men’s jeans as a teenager. I was telling my daughter that the other day. As hard as tall clothes are to find now it is so much easier than 10 or 20 years ago. I was a teen in the late 80’s early 90’s and Levi 501 jeans were popular for boys and I wore them because they were the only ones that were long enough for me. They never fit quite right, but at least they were long enough. πŸ™‚ So glad I don’t have to do that anymore.

    • It sounds like you just described my teen years – I too wore men’s Wranglers because nothing else fit! Even as an adult, I still can’t find jeans.

      My husband is also tall. He wears jeans from the cotton coop in Littlefield, TX, but apparently they were just bought out, so I’m not sure what we’re going to do for him now. I hope the new company keeps selling them, since they were only $25/pair.

  13. My 14 year old is one skinny minny (like he needs a size 12 waist but is outgrowing the 18 length skinny). I feel your pain. I’ve been telling my youngest & oldest “you need to get taller before you get any wider” and my middle one “you need to get wider before you get any taller.”

  14. I have a skinny 13-year old son, so I know the feeling! The last jeans I bought him were 18 slims Levi’s. I found them at Levi’s also makes a 20 slim. What I had done was look up all the sizing and options on and then searched online for whoever was selling that size at the best price, which ended up being Kohls and I shop there a lot anyway. Good luck!

    • He has had Levi’s in the past, but I did not know they went up to size 20 slim! Thanks for letting me know. I will definitely check Kohls.

  15. Tip number one: Kids should only grow in the summer when they are mostly wearing shorts. Shorts are less likely to look funny when they grow 4 inches, although it is possible. Tip number two: Don’t buy very many pants in the summer and keep the receipt between the time when you buy them and the time they wear them for the first time. This has been my policy and applies to short and tall alike. πŸ™‚ I’m short and my husband is tall. I watch for Levi’s to go on sale and buy a couple of pairs.

  16. I have a favorite site for tall clothes and other products! Some of their items are available through amazon as well. I don’t think they have jeans, but you might find something that you like!

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