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Everyday Adventures {Week Eight}

This week was a much more relaxing and slower paced week. And it was just what we all needed.


We picked our first blueberries of the year from the garden. I can’t wait to pick more. One of the best things about summer is fresh from the garden berries.

g at the pond

I caught my daughter out at our pond one day and had to take a quick picture. I think it pretty much sums up summer from a child’s point of view.

leftoversA casserole with layers of tortillas, beans, meat, cheese, and sauce is one of my favorite ways to use up Mexican leftovers. So easy and so good!


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I bought a Fitbit and was loving it. Well this week I left it in my pocket and it went through the wash. The amazing thing is that is still works just fine. I could not believe it. I did catch it before it went into the dryer, but I was still pretty amazed that it came out unharmed.

Now, I am guessing it is not made to go through the washing machine, and I am not sure how many times it would survive it, but I am glad it made it this time. And I need to check my pockets better in the future. I always get onto my son for leaving things in his pockets, but this time it was my fault.


All three of my kids play the piano and this week I took them to the music store. This is the first time in about three years that we have been to the music store. Most of the music they have played was picked out or came from piano teachers. They have never really just taken time to look through music to see what they would like play. It was fun to watch them look through books and find things they found interesting. This is what we ended up getting, along with a list of a few more things they want in the future. It is fun to see their personalities come out in the music they want to play.


And this is a picture I never thought I would post on my site, but these everyday adventure posts each week are supposed to be a look into my real life. They are keeping it real type posts and this week bologna ended up in my shopping cart.

I was out shopping with all three of my kids and we made a quick stop by the grocery store. As we walked by the meat and cheese section one of my kids commented on the fact that I never buy bologna. To which I replied something like bologna is gross and I didn’t think you really liked bologna sandwiches. To which two of them said, yes we do you just never buy it.

Which is true, I have not bought bologna since last time I made Oklahoma Prime Rib. But I don’t buy it because I think it is gross. Bologna has never been high on my list of must haves in the fridge, but I guess my kids felt like they were missing out because they have not had a bologna sandwich in a really long time. Is that how you know you are a foodie when your kids feel like they are missing out because you never buy bologna. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I decided to be a yes mom and a package of bologna went into my cart. And I guess bologna sandwiches are planned for lunches soon. Please tell me some of you have also put this in your shopping cart recently? I am not the only one to say yes to an occasional package of something like bologna am I? ๐Ÿ™‚


Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. My daughter used to LOVE bologna. Recently (a year ago), I bought her a pack because she was so insistent. She HATED it! However, in our house, you eat what you purchase. So, she finished the pack and never wants it again. It IS GROSS!

  2. The berry farm near us had to replant a lot of their bushes last year, and since I’m not a gardener we won’t have any berries this summer. ๐Ÿ™ Yours look delicious. I hope you get a bunch.

    Ohmygosh! Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics really takes me back. My piano teacher loved those books. I must’ve had half a dozen of them back in the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I adore Mexican Casseroles. They’re such a quick, easy way to feed a Tex-Mex flavor craving. LOL Have you shared the recipe for the one in your picture yet?

    Bologna is a regular item in our grocery cart. My daughter loves it fried for breakfast as well as in a sandwich. Frying seems to help draw some of the fat out, so it’s probably a little better for us that way. I really need to get a big chunk of bologna instead of slices and try frying that up for a weekend breakfast. It might be really good in an omelet.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Tip on Bologna: You can get Boar’s Head beef bologna at the deli counter – no nitrites/trates and no fillers. Then you can let your kids have it once in a while and not feel so grossed out!

  4. I say YES to frozen pizza lord often than I would like!!

  5. Alicia J. says:

    I used to eat a bologna sandwich almost every day with Doritos my senior year of high school. After moving to the South I learned that you don’t eat just a plain bologna sandwich, you have to fry it. So for breakfast on the weekends it’s fried bologna (the cheaper brand the better they say) with grits and eggs over easy. I have stopped eating bologna, I guess after a year straight, I have killed my enjoyment of it.

    • I had never even heard of frying bologna until I moved to Oklahoma, but I have to say it is better fried. Still not my favorite, but much better than plain old bologna on a sandwich. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I am glad I am not the only one that occasionally buys it!

  6. Julie H says:

    I really enjoyed your picture of a child’s view of summer. I can’t wait for our blueberries to ripen. Your casserole looks great. Our family use leftovers to make a 3 to 7 layer dip. Great idea/way to get the kids truly interested in piano.

    I try to avoid processed food, but I grew up on Oscar Meyer ham, Spam, Hostess Ho Hos, Spagettios, Campbells chicken noodle soup, and Totinos supreme pizza. So, I get these cravings for Oscar Meyer cotto salami and ham…among other cravings I get the 1 lb packages from Walmart for $2.50 about twice a year mainly for me. Our kids think it’s a very special treat compared to the turkey and chicken sandwiches they normally get.

    • I think it is much easier to eat healthy the majority of time if we allow ourselves an occasional treat or junk food like bologna. And I think my kids like it for the same reason as yours it just so different than the regular turkey, chicken, or ham we usually eat.

      And I love layer dip. I have not made it in a long time and need to again. It is also a great way to use up leftovers.

  7. Marybeth S says:

    My boys love the jalapeno baloney.Walmart is the only place that carries it here and here in Ga we do eat baloney without frying it. But…there is nothing better than a fried baloney sandwich with melted cheese and a thick slice of homegrown tomato.

  8. Val in MN says:

    Hahaha. I truly detest bologna and won’t buy it. Doesn’t stop me from buying the Oscar Meyer cotto salami though.

    I also dislike American cheese slices, but my grandson loves it, so into my cart it goes.


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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.