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Have You Put Up Your Christmas Decorations? {Ask The Readers}

Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet?

I am usually pretty much a minimalist when it comes to Christmas decorations. I do some basic decorating for my husband’s office party that we host at our house every year, but that is about all.

And here is where I admit that the office party is this Friday, December 2nd, and I have nothing done when it comes to decorations. And with the week I have next week, we may just have a Christmas party with no decorations at all. We will have lots good food though, that counts for something right? ๐Ÿ™‚

I am guessing that many of you go all out with Christmas decorations and are way more on top of it than I am.

I am curious how many of you have already decorated for Christmas? In other words how many of you are way more on top of things than I am.


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  1. Because we are away for Thanksgiving and two weeks around Christmas, I haven’t decorated much the last several years. And I don’t miss it! The work involved just wasn’t worth the little time we would enjoy the decorations.

    Your party will still be a success with or without decorations. The important factor will still be there – the hospitality of you and your husband.

  2. I agree with Selene – the important factor will be there. I don’t decorate much in any case, but certainly don’t have Christmas stuff up in November. I feel it has to be December to do that.

  3. My Christmas decorations are not up and won’t be for several more weeks. Our decorating revolves around going to cut down a Christmas tree – a tradition we started with the kids when they were little. Even though they are all teenagers now, they still insist that we follow the same routine. We get the tree about 2 weeks before Christmas and decorate. My decorations are pretty much only in the living room, since that ‘s where we spend most of our time.

  4. I decorate with a tree (most decorations are hand made and been given to me), I do something with the fireplace mantel, my china cupboard in the dining room and maybe something on the dining room table, the nativity is on the coffee table, the advent calendar is on the wall….that is about it. I use to do more, but it just seemed so much work the last few years. I use to bake a lot too, but not so much any more, in fact now that my kids are college age the last few Christmas Day afternoons we have baked Christmas cookies cause that has been their only time to be home and bake. Our extended family celebrations happen other times of the year and it’s just the four of us now on Thanksgiving and Christmas. More relaxed and simple, and much more enjoyable than when the kids were little. And I just finished the decorating before I typed this. Never before Thanksgiving, and when my boy was little never until after his November 29th birthday…then the rush was on. I enjoy doing it on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, having the whole weekend off it’s a great time to do it.

  5. I have an artificial tree and a bunch of ornaments (all hand-made, or family hand-me-downs, or gifts). There are three large plastic bins of house decor that I get out, and we worked on this yesterday. So yes, I decorate for Christmas (it’s not anything fancy, though) and if the wind dies down, we’ll put up the outside lights later this afternoon.

  6. I don’t usually decorate too early. And I keep it pretty simple. However, we’ve got two little foster children this winter that seem thrilled by all things Christmas. Needless to say, I got out everything today and started hanging and decorating. I’m hoping to buy a tree tomorrow and finish things up. If it’s not raining, I’ll even try to hang some lights outside.

  7. I ran to the grocery store to get dinner items and I came home to the tree up, wreaths placed, all of the larger decorations out and the boxes for the tree for me do! I have a great hubby!!!!

  8. Nicholle Cousino says

    Yes – although the artificial tree is the extent of our ‘decorations’
    We did it in stages over the past few days between prepping for Thanksgiving and the clean-up afterwards….

  9. I do decorate, but I always wait for the first of December because that’s when we start our Advent celebration.
    And this year I’m only doing a Charlie Brown tree with our Advent calendar. We’re packing up to move, so it seems sorta useless to do more than that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I’ve never been much for decorating seasonally. We might put up a tree, but that’s about it. I don’t know; it’s just never been inclined to go all out. Glad to know I’m not alone in this.

  11. After a busy last week and Thanksgiving weekend, our plan is to stay home tonight, make pizza with our kids, and decorate. We have a small tree and a couple nativity scenes…other than that, it’s a few greenery things and Christmasy candles. With three kids 3 and under, I don’t put out too much. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. We spent a good part of yesterday decorating! I couldn’t wait to “deck the halls”! Still a bit more to do, but I’m mostly done now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. This year I am keeping it simple. I got tired of all the Christmas bling put up around the house early in December. Right now, we have our Advent wreath on the table for evening prayer at dinner and a wreath on the door. We also have a Jesse Tree poster hanging on a door to begin filling with paper ornaments that will be decorated by my preschooler. We do have some evergreen garland in an archway and a swag over the kitchen door that are part of the year-round decor, that I switch out seasonal extras on. They are pretty bare right now, since I took down the Harvest themed things. I won’t put up other decorations until after the 20th, and the tree until the 23rd. We celebrate until Epiphany, so waiting makes more sense.

    I have Nativity story homeschool ideas for the preschooler, so we will probably have a cardboard creche appearing soon, but it will more than likely be a plaything than decor.

  14. I put mine up yesterday my four boys helped me, and dad set them up. I wrapped all the presents up and they are now under the tree:) They are super pumped. They wished their little sister could help though!! Maybe next year!!!

  15. ConnersMomma says

    Every year since I was little its been a family tradition to get out all the Christmas decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving to check the outside decorations and make sure they all work. Then the weekend after Thanksgiving we decorate outside & then on December 1st we put up a tree and the inside decorations. Its been part of my family tradition for years, so I now do the same with my son. We do not turn the outside lights on until the last night of November. So yes I have some of my decorations up already.

  16. We have the tree up and decorated because my son just couldnt wait, but havent done the outdoors yet and that will be pretty minimal. I’ll also do some more decorating in the house but Im not in a rush!

  17. Our family tradition is to decorate the day after Thanksgiving. Beings that we still have 3 kids at home we kinda don’t have a choice as they hold us too it…ha ha! As hard as it is to start, once it’s done our house looks so Christmasy that we’re glad we did it!

  18. Martha Artyomenko says

    No, and I am content with that!

  19. Nope. Never until about a week before and everything stays until a week or so after. I don’t think Christmas decor is appropriate on November 11 (yes I’ve seen it), and a dusty tree with dusty decorations by Christmas Eve is kind of depressing. Christmas trees unceremoniously tossed out the door, or worse, on the side of the road by the 26th because people are tired of them, is really sad.

  20. I don’t bother with any Christmas decorations anymore, i can’t be bothered with it all.

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