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If You Are a Gluten Free Blogger or Read Gluten Free Blogs I Could Use Your Help

If you are gluten free and have a blog or website that features gluten free recipes, could you please leave a comment with the link to your site, and maybe give a quick description of your blog.

If you are gluten free and do not have a website, but love to read gluten free blogs, feel free to leave the link to some of your favorite sites.

I am working on a couple of new features here in my allergy section and this would really help.


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  1. Wheatless Foodie: sharing the journey of living gluten free

  2. Lynn,
    I have done so much research as I’m sure you have that it would take books to list all the recipes and things over the years. I have found that in most any recipe I can use Pamela’s Baking and Pancake mix and make it gluten free. When I mak cakes and things with it no one can even tell the difference. I don’t even tell them it’s gluten free an longer. I was wondering if you have tried it?

  3. My favorite gf recipe website is

    Thanks for asking… I follow your blog too.

  4. I love your blog and I also have a GF blog:


  5. I write a food allergy blog at All of my recipes are free of wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and then some. 😉 My son has several food allergies and was diagnosed at about 10 months old and he just turned 5 two days ago, so we’ve been at this game almost all of his life!

  6. I blog over at
    I have Celiac Disease so all my recipes are gluten free, I also have a corn allergy and dairy allergy so all the recipes are free of those things as well (I do give substitutions to include corn & dairy if you can eat those).
    We also chat about living with allergies, adoption, homeschooling, parenting and raising kids.

  7. Hi Lynn,

    I love your site! I run where I share gluten-free recipes that are usually dairy and grain free as well. I highly recommend all of the gluten-free ladies’s sites that co-host Allergy-Free Wednesdays with me.

  8. Dear Lynn,

    I’ve checked almost all the GF websites/blogs and books to find the best one that works best for me. The winner was your website,

    I’m a very picky baker, which is not necessarily a very good thing (i.e. can be dehabilitating in terms of creativity). My favorite Food Network chef is Ina Garden (Barefoot Contessa). Her baked goods come out great. So, I stick with recipes from her, Cook’s Illustrated Magazine, Cook’s Country, The Best Recipes cookbooks series, and American’s Test Kitchen cookbooks because they either know their ingredients or spend the a great deal of effort to adjust ingredients/test their recipes well before printing them.

    Although I’m always searching for the best, I also do not want to spend a fortune buying GF flours. At the same time, I want my cakes and desserts to come out perfectly like they were made using wheat flour. In other words, I want it all.

    So, I purchased my rice flours and starches from ethnic supermarkets for as little as 79 cents a pound. Then, I tested your cakes and other dessert recipes and made a few very minor adjustments sometimes. I was extremely happy to find that I really can’t tell the difference between the wheat flour version and your version using the cheaper rice flours and starches. That’s the most amazing accomplishment in the area of gluten-free baking. Your consistently good recipes has led me to unsubscribe to all the other GF blogs that I use to subscribed to. Thanks you so much for sharing.

    Blessings, Julie

    • Thank you so much. Your kind words made my day. I know gluten free baking and cooking can be challenging and I love helping making it easier for all of you.

  9. BTW…I particularly love your GF cakes and pies. You had a fantastic GF chocolate cake a while back, but I can’t seem to locate it on your site. I thought maybe you have put it into your cookbook, but I can’t seem to find your book for sale either. Do you know where I can find it?

    • I am having trouble with my search on my allergy section and we have been working on it. Sorry about that. Was it a chocolate layer cake or a sheet cake? If you tell me more about it, I should be able to find the link for you.

      • I found it. For some reason, I accidentally went onto your other website which also offered gluten-free recipes in the index. So, that threw me off. I then kept looking for something in the index that would lead me to your GF cake recipes.

        It was your super moist chocolate layer cake, but I baked it in a 9×13 pan. And, I used dark chocolate because I love the deeper chocolate flavor. Absolutely divine.

        And, your GF pumpkin bars are so moist and delicious. Fall is here too, so I’ll be making some of those as well.

        BTW…I’ve since added Martha Stewart’s cookie cookbook to my collection as well as a Bon Apetit cookbook thanks to your recommendations.

  10. Lynn: I subscribe to your blog and have learned much about gluten-free cooking. I am trying to switch over to a gluten-free diet. I suffer from skin problems, and I suspect going gluten-free would help. I do include gluten-free recipes on my website: Please feel free to use whatever you find on my site. I give proper acknowledgement to everything I find, so you can find recipes on my site, but you will also be able to go directly to the original recipe sites. ~ Lucia Kaiser

  11. I’ve found some recipes at I checked out all the cookbooks at the library. She has a cupcake one (If I’m not confusing her work with someone elses). I was referred to your site after someone noted my GF comments on facebook.

  12. Hiya Lynn! Morri of Meals with Morri here. Your blog was one of the first ones that inspired me to post my own recipes and share with the community.

    My blog focuses on gluten free, soy free, and cane sugar free cooking, as well as learning about healing the thyroid holistically, rock climbing, yoga, and food activism (coming soon).

    Thank you for doing this, and as for my favorite picks (besides yours of course):

    Healthy. Happy. Life.
    Cara’s Cravings
    The Canary Files
    Mesa De Vida
    Gluten Free Goodness
    The Urban Poser

    (Note: I have a HUGE list on my blog to pick and choose, though one or two are not gf)

  13. Hi Lynne!
    Bounty from our family table is my blog. I do not blog half as much as I would like but when I do it is gluten free!
    Our family has vegans, diabetics, as well as celiacs. I try to keep meals simple.
    Besides your website, I use in a pinch and convert. I also follow about 10,000 other blogs and occasionally am inspired by these sites. Ok, not 10k but a bunch! Thanks for your great site. You have so many yummy recipes. 🙂

  14. My site is I’ve just recently started posting gluten free recipes since I went gluten free about 2 1/2 months ago. I also have some other allergy free recipes since I’m allergic to corn and eggs and nuts.

  15. I blog at The Cutting Back Kitchen. I just went GF 7 months ago, but have been blogging for a few years, so I’m newer to posting GF recipes. Pretty much all my recipes now are GF since that is all I can eat.

  16. I recently started a GF Baking Blog. My blog is about converting favorite recipes into gluten free ones. I am also into Afternoon Tea Parties. Just found your blog while wandering around in cyberspace. I do not know how to give my blog address as a link, but here is the address:
    I have a wheat allergy and have been eating GF for 5 years. I love to bake and cook.
    Some of my favorite blogs:
    Gluten Free Gobsmacked
    Gluten Free on a Shoestring
    Gluten Free Goddess
    Living Without

    Hope this is helpful.

  17. Hi,
    I am a homeschooling mom with a blog about our gluten/dairy/soy/chemical free lifestyle. It also talks about our adoption adventures, and helping our kids with their special needs.

    Hope this helps!

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