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Kitchen Essentials – A Whisk

Do we really need a whisk or any other kitchen gadget?

No, probably not. We could definitely whip eggs, egg whites, pudding, or whipping cream with a fork. Many people in past generations have done that exact thing.

However, as much as I like to cook, I do not enjoy spending hours, whisking something with a fork, when there is a better way to get the job done. I am quite thankful for my whisk, since it does a much better job.

Growing up, I remember my mom having one whisk. In fact, I think she still uses that same whisk.

However, I have several whisks. Yes, I will admit I own multiple whisks and I love and use them all. I know many of you will disagree with me on this one, butย I really do love having the right size and shape whisk for the job. In fact, there are several more sizes and shapes of whisks that I would love to get some day.

So, how many whisks do you own?

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  1. I have two or three wire whisks of varied sizes, one big rubber whisk (LOVE for nonstick pans), and a flat whisk!
    .-= Vanderbilt Wife´s last blog ..Top Ten Tuesday: SAHM Surprises =-.

  2. I only have a couple whisks, but I’ve been eyeing a very large whisk, and a silicone coated one for quite some time. A fork just cannot compete with a good whisk. ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Phoebe @ GettingFreedom´s last blog ..Stocking the Freezer with OAMC =-.

  3. I have about 4 whisks … three traditional whisks (2 large and 1 small) and recently invested in a flat whisk. I love them all and use them regularly. I have a question that I have always wanted to know, but felt silly asking – what do you use the little whisk on the right hand side of your picture for? Thanks!

    • @Wendy, I know that is a funny looking whisk, isn’t it? I use it mainly for things like scrambled eggs. It works perfectly for that. It also works well for smaller amounts of sauces and gravys. It really works well for getting the bottom edge of the pan that sauces tend to stick to.

  4. I have three whisks, all of which are used on a regular basis for different sized jobs!
    .-= Ashley´s last blog ..February’s Top Ten =-.

  5. humm, four maybe five…ok ok six. Some stiff, some flexible, some nonstick, some stainless. I’ve been craving a ball whisk for the longest time. Whisks are like wooden spoons, you really can’t have too many–so long as your tool drawer still shuts.

  6. I have several whisks also and love them all!!! One that I have that you don’t have pictured is a flat whisk. It’s groovy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I am often teased about collecting whisks as I have 6, but each works best for a different purpose and I love them all. I have the huge balloon whisk for batch baking, the normal sized balloon whisk for most baking and sauce making, the balloon whisk with the ball inside for whipping cream and egg whites, the mini balloon whisk for smaller quantities, the flat whisk for working in shallow pans and a dressing whisk. I have a utentil pot for my whisks and another for the other stuff.

  8. Only one whisk for me but another one would be nice.
    .-= Julie Bagamary´s last blog ..Orange Dots =-.

  9. I love whisks too! However, I only have one for the time being. I ALWAYS forget to pick up the size I want when I’m at the store.

    OH wait – I have TWO whisks. Duh. Ha ha. Anyway – I want a smaller whisk for the smaller jobs – like eggs.

  10. 4 – 2 larger ones with different amount of wires. A smaller one and a flat rubber one. Love them all. Like the one on my Kitchen Aid a LOT!

  11. I own one wisk that I use for everything. If the job is to big for my one medium sized wisk it goes into my kitchen aid mixer.

  12. I guess I’m the odd ball. I have a whisk and almost never use it. My father used the fork and I was taught it at a young age how ti use the fork as a whisk. U don’t think it is harder I guess because I’ve always done it that way. I didn’t even know there was all different kinds.

  13. Say “whisk” five times fast and you can see where the name came from!
    .-= Hiptobeme´s last blog ..My cheapness makes me healthier? =-.

  14. Love my whisks! I have 4. ๐Ÿ˜€ 2 bigger ones, 1 smaller, and 1 that I can use in my pan. ๐Ÿ˜€
    .-= Sherry´s last blog ..WFMW – Wow! It smells delicious! Candle Tart Giveaway! =-.

  15. Hi Lynn-

    FINALLY I am able to comment on your site as we got a new computer!

    I have 1 whisk. I don’t need more than that at this time for what I do, but it works better than a fork. I will say though, that I like that you pointed out that certain tools are not going to prevent a person from cooking or baking if they don’t have them.

    It was always discouraging to me in the past to see cooking shows or blogs make it seem like you simply could not accomplish anything without certain gear.
    .-= Catherine R. ´s last blog ..Posted by my kind husband from his work computer at my request: =-.

  16. I love having a whisk for making gravy/sauce, and I don’t think a fork works nearly as well, especially if the sauce is getting lumpy.

    I have one of the those funny looking whisks on the right – my son loves to use it for making chocolate milk:) haven’t tried it with scrambled eggs but that’s a good suggestion.
    .-= Mandy´s last blog ..An unhappy marriage is not the end =-.

  17. Too cool! What do you use the 4th one for?

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