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Nut Free Granola

Anyone who is nut or gluten free knows the challenges of buying things like granola. There are hard to find and if you find them they are expensive.

My solution is to make my own, however I have had trouble finding a recipe that I like. I recently posted on Facebook asking if anyone had a nut free version that they liked. A friend of mine emailed me her family’s favorite recipe after reading my Facebook post.

What I loved about her recipe was how easy it was.

The first time I made it we really enjoyed it, but I just can’t leave a recipe alone, so I tweaked and adapted it for my family. I actually ended up tweaking it quite a bit, but what I came up with is a new favorite in our house and yet it is still as easy as the original recipe was.

And best of all it is nut and gluten free so it is safe for all of us to eat and we all enjoyed it.

Have you made homemade granola before?

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  1. We make nut-free granola every week! It’s our staple breakfast — we’ve tried a few variations too:

    Apple Granola (

    Apple Craisin Granola (

    I’m going to try making a pumpkin granola this weekend!!

    Thanks for sharing this recipe– I love that it has coconut in it.

    • Now that I found a basic version we like I am thinking of a bunch of ways to tweak it. I had thought of apple and pumpkin too, both perfect for fall. I have a few other versions that I think I might try also. You can really change it up that way. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

      • I hope you do try more varieties — right now I’m loving the pumpkin spice with craisins!!

        • I’d love to have the pumpkin spice with craisin’s recipe if you have it. I can’t use the apple variations due to an apple allergy but would love to try this with more fruits and other items. One of my biggest frustrations with granola these days is that many packaged ones are made in facilities with ground or tree nuts and I can’t risk eating them.

  2. I’ve been making granola with the David Lebovitz recipe–it uses applesauce instead of so much oil. We really like the way it ‘clumps’ together. For our next batch, I’m going to sub pumpkin butter for the applesauce and add pepitas, cinnamon, and lots of raisins.

  3. Thanks for sharing the recipe. It looks great! I’ve been trying to find some good granola and granola bar recipes that are nut free since my youngest is allergic.


  4. I was wondering if this would work with a gas oven – I’ve heard they don’t retain heat as well as electric ovens and wanted to make sure my granola would still cook…

    • I have not had a gas oven in years, so I actually am not sure. If you think it does not retain the heat as well, you could just cook it a few minutes longer and then turn the oven off. I really don’t think you will hurt it even in a gas oven it just may not be as crispy. I would try a small batch and play around with it in your oven to see how it works.

  5. Lynn, what brand of gluten-free oats do you buy? I’d love to try this!

    • Gluten free oats can be hard to find and expensive, as you probably know. I have bought a few brands at Whole Foods, but I have found it cheaper to order my gluten free oats directly from Bob’s Red Mill. Last time I ordered I just orderd #25 lb bags. Which I know is a lot, but with a family will you them up. Bob’s Red mill does sell smaller quantities. I know gf oatmeal is not the cheapest, but I have found it to be a better and cheaper option than other gf breakfast choices. I hope that helps. If you can only find gf regular oats and not quick cooking, you can still use this same recipe. We just like the texture of the two combined.

      • Thanks so much! I will buy the little bags to try this recipe out and then buy in bulk, I guess. I didn’t know you could order direct from BRM. I’ve ordered their chocolate chip cookie mix from Amazon with the subscribe and save option. I will do a price check on the oatmeal too!

  6. I’d like to see the recipe for pumpkin granola.

  7. Good recipe, but please be aware that coconut is actually a tree nut and for those of us with tree nut allergies, it causes an allergic reaction.

    • My daughter is allergic to all tree nuts and has severe reactions to them, but coconut has never bothered her or showed positive on an allergy test. Our allergist is comfortable with her having coconut, but I do understand that some are allergic to it or are not comfortable eating it. I think that is an area that each person needs to discuss with their Dr. This recipe could easily be made without the coconut. I have left it out before, just for something a little different and it is very good.

    • That is interesting because our allergist told us, just last month, that coconut is a fruit and not a nut. My daughter is peanut and tree nut allergic. Also found this information;

      • Tree nut allergies are nut specific..I react to coconut, but can eat cashews…and they can change as it is immune system related…I am retested every 5 years…and there have been changes.

  8. Having never made homemade granola, but would like to try it as my DH can eat as much granola as I can purchase, am wondering is it necessary to use both old fashioned and quick oats? (can I use just old fashioned rolled oats?). If not, why?

    Thanks in advance

    • I have never used all old fashioned oats, but I have varied the amount I use of each. We like the texture of the granola with this ratio, however I think it would turn out fine with all old fashioned, the texture would just be a little different. I would love to hear how you like it, if you try it.

  9. I made this today with the addition of dried cranberries and chocolate dusted almonds. Yummy!!!! I used all Old Fashioned GF Oats and it turned out PERFECTLY! My hubby even thought it tasted good, and he is NOT a granola fan. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the recipe! I could not believe how EASY it was. Most recipes I looked at required constant watching and stirring.

    • Chocolate in granola is always a good thing, so chocolate almonds would be really good in this. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so glad that you enjoyed it.

  10. Lynn,

    I love this receipe because you can change it up and make it different every time. I have been looking for a basic simple recipe! Thanks so much for sharing.
    P.S. If you try the pumpkin one oh you have to share ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. I have this in the oven right now. I used coconut oil, fresh raw honey from my husband’s uncle’s beehive and threw in some chocolate chips. It smells SO good! I was thinking dried strawberries…the possibilites are endless. Thanks for a good base recipe!

    • I hope you enjoy it. I have a chocolate version that we love! I need to take pictures of it so I can share it. But yes the possibilities are endless.

  12. I am making this on a regular basis now (with nuts added). It’s a big hit here!

  13. I tried this yesterday and we love it! I have a cooking blog and I shared the recipe, linking back to you and encouraging my readers to check out your blog. Thanks for the great recipe!

  14. Thank you so much! I made a double batch yesterday and had it for breakfast this morning. My husband took a container to work with him for snacking too he is on the road most of the day and I wanted to get a healthier snack for him. I am allergic to tree nuts, and this is SO good!!!
    i used craisins and dried cherries… absolutely delicious!!! THANK YOU so much for sharing your recipe.. it will now be a weekly staple in our house!!

  15. I love making homemade granola. Saves money, easy and the fact that you can add or delete items you might not want. Nuts are not included in ours but usually I add dried cranberries , diced dates or raisins after it has baked. The real bonus is that we are avoiding more additives and preservatives! Woo hoo

  16. I have a severe nut allergy and need a new low fat cereal! Thought this was my saviour!!! Read in and read “ADD COCONUT!” DUH!!

    Thanks A LOT!

  17. I’m new at making homemade granola. I love this recipe (I’m pa sufferer who LOVES coconut!) but would prefer it in a bar for on the go trips. Do I need to add more oil/honey or an egg to it to make it stick together? Thanks!

    • I have a homemade granola bar that I hope to post soon that I use my homemade granola in. Look for it in the next few weeks on my main site.

  18. Do you know how many cups this makes? I’m wondering if I halve it would it be enough for your granola bars? Thanks!

    • I am sorry that it took so long for me to get back to you. This makes about 8 cups. I hope that helps.

  19. Hi Lynn I just wanted to let you know I made my first batch of this granola minus the coconut (my husband hates coconut) a couple of days ago and it is such a hit in our house! From our 11 yr old to my 3 year old and my 8 yr old in the middle, they can’t get enough! I am so excited and already looking forward to making my next batch. It is such a great snack, I added some dried cranberries and some slivered almonds for my own personal snack and loved the flavors. Thank you so much for the healthy alternative. I continue to look forward to many more!

    • I am so glad that you enjoyed. There are so many things that you can do to change up homemade granola. So I hope you have fun coming up with new ideas.

  20. Hi lyn,
    How much does this make? And do you know the nutritional information for it?
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Just FYI
    Coconut is a nut in your no nut granola

  22. Love your Nut Free Granola. I make it a few times a month love it with Yogurt. Sometimes I add dried fruit to the Granola for a quick snack.
    Thanks for a great recipe.

  23. This has become my go to granola recipe – it’s great! One question – have you ever tried substitution olive oil for the canola/vegetable oil?

    • No I haven’t so I don’t know how it would work in this. I have used coconut oil and it works great in place of the canola or vegetable oil.

  24. Awesome recipe! My brother and I are both anaphylaxic to all nuts, and he’s also coeliac, so this is a great find. To the people out there making negative remarks, I have to defend this great recipe:
    1) coconut is NOT a nut. It is a fibrous one-seeded drupe, a type of fruit class which also includes olives and peaches (note that this doesn’t mean they are genetically related in any way, just that they are the same FRUIT type).
    2) the recipe says the coconut is optional anyway, so if you happen to also have a coconut allergy, just leave it out!
    To think I have been paying ยฃ3 for a few hundred grams of granola all this time from the supermarket! Never again. Homemade from now on!

    • Thanks. I hope you enjoy it! It really is easy to make at home and that way you know it is safe. If you search my site for homemade granola you will find all kinds of homemade granola. It is so easy to change it up and make all kinds of flavors!

  25. FYI you labeled this as “nut free” but you put coconut and it is a NUT! As some who has a severe nut allergy if someone made this and told me they used a nut free recipe I would end up in the hospital!

    • My daughter is very allergic to all tree nuts, but does not have a coconut allergy and has never reacted to it. I know that many are allergic to both. Thanks for sharing your concerns.

  26. Pam Francel says

    I am making nut free granola for a friend who has severe nut and coconut allergies. I have made regular granola for years, but am having a hard time finding items to put in the nut free version that were not processed in a factory that also processes nuts. I am trying to find pepitas (pumpkin seeds) but all have been processed in places that process tree nuts. Does anyone have a source for nut free items like pepitas?

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