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Scrambled French Toast {Cooking Through My Collection}

Today for cooking through my collection I have a recipe from the Taste of Home Breakfastcookbook.

I love Taste Of Home’s recipes and cookbooks. Taste of Home helped me learn how to cook a wide variety of foods and desserts and I have been a loyal follower of their recipes for about 18 years. And yes that dates me and tells you how old I am since I think Taste of Home has only been around 18 yrs or so. 🙂

Today’s recipe is called Scrambled French Toast. It is basically all the flavors of french toast in a scrambled form, which makes it very quick and easy to make.

Now, I will admit this is not the prettiest of meals that I have served, but food is about more than how it looks, it is about how it tastes. Or at least I kept telling myself that when I saw how it looked in the picture……..

I had never heard or seen a recipe for Scrambled French Toast until I saw it in the Taste of Home Breakfast book, but when I saw it while going through the cookbook, I knew I had to try it.

My kids loved this and I think it makes for a fun breakfast or lunch. The texture was a little different than regular French toast, but it was still very good. I used gluten free bread, so that might have something to do with the texture being a little different, but overall it was still very good.

Have any of you ever made scrambled french toast or anything like it? 


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  1. This looks interesting! I will have to try this. Sure my kids would love it! I have made french toast sticks using hamburger and hot dog buns when I have some leftover and my family loves that! Especially when I toss them in sugar & cinnamon before serving.

  2. Sarah Cassill says

    Cool– I LOVE bread pudding (and if I serve it at breakfast with syrup instead of icing I DO call it French toast casserole!) and this would be a great alternative– no turning on the oven and heating the house!

    • This is kind of like a bread pudding, a little drier han bread pudding, but the same idea. I had not thought of it that way.

  3. Like Sarah, I was thinking it made me think of a quick in-a-skillet version of bread pudding. My family isn’t fond of raisins, but a drizzle of fruit preserves and this would be a great dessert too.
    A great way for me to use up the not-so-good looking but ok-tasting gluten-free bread I tried out that is sliced up in my freezer.

    • A skillet version of bread pudding is a good way to describe it. I like that. And yes fruit or something like that added to this would be great!

  4. Funny, I thought bread pudding too. The thing is hubby loves bread pudding but isn’t all that fond of french toast and I love french toast but do not like bread pudding, at all. So this looks like a good compromise!

  5. I made this recipe this am for my girls. They LOVED it. I started out in a stainless pan and it stuck so I switched to my nonstick and it cooked up perfectly. I also swapped a little maple syrup for the sugar. Great, easy recipe! thanks!!

    • I am so glad that they enjoyed it! Thanks so much for letting me know. And I am glad to know that real maple syrup works.

  6. I just finished making this for our crew. With 10 kids to cook for (the older two eat their own breakfast), this was so much easier to prepare then regular french toast would have been. I rank it up there with the overnight french toast my daughter likes to make. Thanks!

  7. My family has made this almost weekly for almost 20 years! We make ours pretty much the same way, but we brown some turkey sausage and add that to the mix. Then, drench (as the diet permits) with maple syrup and/or butter. Loved it when I was a toddler, love it as a twenty-something!

  8. Melissa Herrin says

    I tried this recipe and I followed it through every direction you stated and it didn’t look like yours 🙁 Mine looked like slop. Very disappointed.

  9. This looks wonderful! I think it would be a great way to use up left-over buns and french bread. I’d add a t. of maple flavoring and use brown sugar rather than white; need to try!!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.