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Sometimes It Is Okay To Be A Yes Mom

As we were going through the grocery store something caught my children’s eye. Big giant orange marshmallows…….why do they always put those things in the center aisle display where everyone is sure to see them?

Yes, I know the answer to that, it is so that more people will buy them. And yes, I am guilty of just that with these pumpkin marshmallows.

But it was not the fancy marketing that convinced me, it was my children. Yes, the tactic of putting the giant orange marshmallows front and center so that my kids would not miss them worked.

I was even tempted to say, no, we are not getting those, we do not need them, but in that moment of seeing my kids dream of eating giant orange marshmallows, I realized that it was time to be a yes mom.

Sometimes, creating memories is much more important than focusing on healthy and frugal eating.

Did we need the pumpkin marshmallows? No.

But were they a fun treat? Yes!

An occasionally treat is fine. Giant orange pumpkin marshmallows on a daily basis would not be a good thing, but I doubt big giant marshmallows once a year will hurt anyone.

And you have to admit that a cup of hot chocolate is a lot more fun with a pumpkin floating in it!

Memories were created. Fun was had by all. I am so glad I choose to be a yes mom when it came to giant pumpkin marshmallows.

What have you said yes to recently? 


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  1. aww, how fun! i used to love it when my mom did things like that. still do, in fact, even though i haven’t lived at “home” in 10 yrs 🙂

  2. Maybe we’ll see some pumpkin marshmallows when we shop on Saturday, and maybe we’ll bring a package home. 😉

  3. I could not agree with you more! I feed my kids complete and (for the most part) healthy meals. I don’t encourage mindless snacking. But I also let them have their “treats.” We buy special treats at the store, and indulge in seasonal goodies. Your statement about making memories hit the nail on the head for me. That’s what it’s all about! <3

  4. Michelle B says

    Jack always asks me for a slushy from the gas station on the way home from daycare. I say no most of the time bc a sugar filled drink at 5pm is the last thing him AND I need. 🙂
    But one day I said yes and the look on his face was priceless!!

  5. GUILTY! I was shopping alone child at home and the display caught my excited eyes!
    1 batch of pumpkin spice marshmallow rice crispies coming up 😉

  6. We actually found Pumpkin-Spice-FLAVORED marshmallows at Walmart! They smell heavenly and are a really fun, yummy addition to hot cocoa! I’m a sucker for those seasonal offerings. 🙂

  7. What a great post! It is a good reminder. I have lots of fond memories of my mom letting us indulge in things like this.

  8. I saw those too and thought my daughter would love them!

  9. How fun! My daughter is 8 months old, so not a lot of “no”s yet, but recently, I let her completely unload a whole basket of clean folded laundry. I did get video as evidence against her when she’s older, but I thought, what could it hurt to indulge in a little fun… as long as we didn’t just start a bad habit.

  10. I just did the same thing when I saw Halloween marshmallows, mine were ghosts! I was so glad I did. The other day was our last day at our farm CSA preschool program and the weather was a little damp. The kids were troopers and still did all the harvesting we needed to do and even enjoyed themselves despite having wet pants and shoes. When we got home I thought it was a perfect time to treat them to hot cocoa and Halloween marshmallows. I was so glad I bought them the week before!

  11. We bought some pumpkin spice marshmallows at Aldi and made rice krispie treats with them, so good. I am definately a yes mom!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.