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Food Allergies and What We Eat

Over the last few months I have received quite a few questions and comments about what my family eats related to our food allergies and why I use certain things and brands in recipes. Instead of continuing to try to answer these emails one by one, I decided it was time to address the issue here on my site. If you have questions regarding our food allergies […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Living Life With Food Allergies

I am starting a new series on dealing with food allergies, specifically nut and peanut allergies. I posted the details about the series on my main site, but all the actual posts will be in this section of my site starting next Wednesday. I am really looking forward to this series!

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Life With Food Allergies

Since starting the allergy section of my site, I have not posted a lot here about the food issues that my family has been dealing with. So if you have not looked around the allergy section, you are probably not aware of my daughter’s nut allergy. Earlier this year my daughter was diagnosed with a peanut, all tree nut, and sesame allergy. Yes, the family […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures