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Gluten Free Pumpkin Scones

It is pumpkin time of year. That might be obvious though by the amount of pumpkin recipes I have been sharing. Can you all tell that my family loves pumpkin? If you don’t like pumpkin, I am sorry. Really, I am sorry because you are missing out. Pumpkin is so good. And you may have to put up with a few more pumpkin recipes before […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Gluten Free Double Chocolate Scones

Gluten Free Chocolate Scones?! Yes, please! My kids love scones. They love them for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and desserts. They will pretty much eat them anytime, so I love coming up with new gluten free scone recipes. These scones are definitely more on the dessert side because they are sweet and contain quite a bit of chocolate, which is why I named them double chocolate. […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Gluten Free Chocolate Dried Cherry Scones

Breakfast and snacks are the hardest for me to do gluten free. It is not so much the making it gluten free, it is the making it gluten free and quick and easy, so I am always looking for new recipes and things to try. I have never been one that loves scones, but maybe that is because I have never been a huge fan […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures