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Mexican Meatball Soup

I made this soup several years ago, we loved it, and I forgot about it. It got buried at the bottom of a pile of recipes, and I just recently found it again. I knew I needed to make it again. This time I tweaked a few things and made it even better. My husband loves this soup. It is a bit unique, because it is […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Mexican Chicken Stew

This soup is so good. We loved this because it was thicker and more filling than your basic soup. It is definitely more like a stew than a soup. This soup/stew is also a little different because it has a spicy Mexican type flavor. My family loves the flavors that are in Mexican foods, so this soup worked great for us. My whole family loved this. I liked the fact […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures

Enchilada Chicken Soup

This chicken enchilada soup is a recipe I shared my first year of blogging way back in 2008. I used to make this recipe all the time because it is so easy to make. The original pictures were long overdue for some updating and I decided it was time for some updating. I know that this is not the healthiest of soups, but it is […]

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures