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Toaster or Toaster Oven

I love hearing your opinions on kitchen products and why you like or dislike them. So today’s question is all about toasters.

Do you prefer a toaster?

or a toaster oven?

Or do you have both?Β And why do you prefer one over the other?

I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. I love our toaster oven! It makes toast, plus so much more! We really use it in the summer as an oven so we don’t have to heat up the entire house if we want to make something.

  2. Toaster oven here! Much more versatile than a toaster.

    Ours broke a few months ago, and we need to get a new one!

  3. We have neither! We use the oven.
    I don’t like having the extra appliances on the counter or having to find room in the cabinets to store them.

  4. Toaster oven here! We don’t have room for two appliances and our toaster oven is so much more versatile! We can make small batches of cookies (I freeze dough in balls and pull it out a few at a time so no one gorges on cookies…not that I would do that…lol) and other small baking/cooking projects. It works great for toast and make it easy to heat things up without having to heat up the whole house with the oven.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my toaster oven. It’s a convection oven too and I use it for just about anything!!

  6. Kimberly in NC says

    Use my toaster oven almost daily. I haven’t had the toaster out since we moved here in 2008. (Maybe I should get rid of it?)

  7. I much prefer my toaster oven as well! In fact, we haven’t had an actual toaster around here in years. You get much more bang for your buck with a toaster oven.

  8. I prefer a toaster oven over a toaster for all the reasons mentioned so far. Much more versatile. However, we do have a toaster as well because the man of the house is particular about his toast and likes it toasted evenly on both sides with no fuss. But, if we ever needed to downsize again, the toaster would go!

  9. I have both, but unlike the others I actually prefer the toaster. I once had a wonderful toaster oven that I used constantly, but we wore it plum out. Now I can’t find one that can do either job. The one I have now makes awful toast, it dries out rather than toast. And it take twice as long as the oven to cook anything, even small things. I hate it. The one before this one wasn’t much better. But I had one I loved and if I could find another that worked as well the toaster would be history.

  10. We have both. I recently bought a toaster oven. I love the way it makes bagels and how the kids can make their snacks in there without having to heat up the oven (which takes ages). My husband refuses to get rid of the toaster. He thinks it’s faster than the toaster oven. So for now, we have one of each.

  11. I definitely love my toaster oven and all it can do. It is unfortunately dying. I am looking for a new one. Any suggestions?

  12. We are a toaster oven home, but we graduated to a toaster/convection/rotisserie oven in January. I grew up with a toaster oven, in fact I don’t think my mother has owned a toaster since I’ve been alive, which is what led me to get a toaster oven. I like the toaster oven’s ability to multi-task – it’s not just for making toast.
    I like the new combo oven, especially that we can cook chicken nuggets and pizza in it, but wish it were smaller (although that’s not really possible).

  13. i like the toaster but not any toaster i use a 1950’s made in the U.S.A sunbeam toaster i bought at a garage sale. it works far better than any new made in china crap you get in the stores today. When i find one at a garage sale i always snatch it up, in case someday my 60 year old ( but still works like new toaster ) dies.

  14. Apparently I am rare but we just gave our toaster oven away and bought a new toaster. We realized it took up too much room and all we do is toast in it anyway.

  15. We have both. We have a little toaster in the breakfast room that really doesn’t get used very much anymore (unless there is more than one person making breakfast at the same time).

    We actually just had to replace our toaster oven. It was fine in the morning and then poof didn’t work in the early evening. Even hubby likes to have both since he was the one that said we had to go get a new one – right then!

  16. We had a great toaster oven that we donated in August. Our kitchen is much smaller than in our last place and so counter space didn’t allow for it.

    Now I just have our toaster, which has been in a cabinet since we moved in since I have yet to actually buy bread.

  17. I think a toaster makes better toast… but for us, we don’t eat a lot of toast… so a toaster over is a better deal because we are able to use it for so many other things! (but I do miss my nicely toasted toaster toast….)

  18. I like toast and bagels in a toaster better, but for the versatility, we own a toaster oven and not a toaster.

  19. Toaster Oven. We don’t eat much toast, but I do use the toaster oven a lot. It’s great for heating chicken nuggets and reheating leftovers. Ours is also a convection oven so it cooks quick too.

  20. Toaster oven all the way. I love how you can use it for so much more than just toast!!

  21. We have BOTH. I love them BOTH for different reasons. I truly use my toaster oven as a small oven. The kids and I like to bake cookies, pizza rolls, fish sticks… in the toaster oven.

    I believe the toaster is MUCH better for waffles, bagels, english muffins, plain toast, toaster streudels, pop tarts… It seems to get it done much faster.

    I will ALWAYS have both in my kitchen. I have plenty of cabinets so they stay stashed away until we need to take it out and use it.

    Good luck!

  22. just recently got a toaster oven and love it for everything BUT toast – it just seems to dry the bread out instead of toasting it – Ill keep my toaster for toast and use toaster over for all other stuff

  23. Toaster oven. It works well for homemade bread in odd sizes or thicknesses. It is also great for small amounts of food like french fries for one person since our large oven takes 15 minutes to preheat.

  24. Toaster oven! It is so much more flexible! Frankly, regular toasters scare me a bit and seem less safe. My favorite toaster oven convenience is to make garlic bread when it is spaghetti night instead of turning on the oven.

  25. I love my toaster for bread, bagels and muffins, but I couldn’t do without my toaster oven. It’s over-sized to hold a pizza pan or 9×13 baking pan. I rarely turn my big oven on in the summer.

  26. I’ve partial to my toaster. I’ve tried the toaster oven route several times only to give them away. Now that this a two person home, I might try it one more time…..Maybe it’s the brands I’ve been going with…..

  27. When my husband and I were registering for wedding gifts 6 years ago, he insisted a toaster and I insisted on a toaster oven. We ended up getting both, but now 6 years later he has been converted and we only use the toaster oven! The toaster is in storage in case the toaster oven ever dies. πŸ™‚

  28. katklaw777 says

    Toaster oven all the way!
    I grew up with one…I think my Mom bought the first one ever made back in the 60’s. They do so much more that a regular toaster. I luv the top brown feature. I luv my toaster oven!

  29. @Tamara, I agree completely with you! πŸ™‚ Sometimes I make chicken in the toaster oven too! πŸ™‚

  30. We do have both in our house. We have a 4-slot toaster plus a small toaster oven. With the toaster, 2 slots are for my husband (regular) and 2 slots are for me (gluten-free). My half of the toaster is marked with a “girlie” sticker (a purse now, I think!), so everyone knows not to ever use “Emily’s side of the toaster.”

    I had never thought of using a toaster oven until 2 years ago when we had one in the parsonage we lived in. For a celiac, it’s a lifesaver! It’s obviously “safer” with regard to cross-contamination because it can be cleaned much more easily. Also, my bread often falls apart in the toaster, but that doesn’t happen when it’s sitting on a baking sheet in the toaster oven.

    We use both appliances regularly and even with a very small kitchen, it’s worth it to me to have both appliances out on the counter all the time.

    • @Emily @ Our Frugal Happy Life, I know what you mean about toasters and gf. I have our old 4 slot toaster for the regular eaters in our house, and then bought a cheap 2 slot toaster for gf. I do not like having 2 toasters. I love your idea of just marking one side for gf. I was thinking though a toaster oven would also be a good choice since it is easier to keep clean.

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