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What Are the Best Cookie Sheets?

I recently received an email from Cara asking me about cookie sheets.

I have mixed thoughts on cookie sheets. My opinions have changed over the years and I am still looking for the perfect one. Instead of posting my thoughts on what cookie sheets I like, I thought I would let my readers help Cara out.

Here is what Cara had to say:

Do you have any suggestions on which cookie sheets are the best? I have some
pampered chef ones that I love the way they cook, but the pans have
started turning black and have a black film on them no matter what you
do. I probably should not have put them in the dishwasher! Anyway, I
need to buy some new ones, but have no idea what to buy.

I will say Cara that I do not recommend putting items like cookie sheets in the dishwasher. I have found that items like cookie sheets, pots and pans, and similar items do not hold up well if they are put into the dishwasher.

So, let’s help Cara out. What is your favorite cookie sheet? What advice do you have?

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  1. my mom always had and so i also go air bakes (you can get them at bed bath and beyond). my mom has had them same set and been putting them in the dishwasher my whole life so they’ll hold up to that too
    .-= Carrie´s last blog ..How to Subscribe to an RSS Feed for Just Part of a Blog =-.

  2. I don’t have a preferred cookie sheet, however, I love the Silpat sheets you can buy for them. I use cheap cookie sheets, over 15 years old and could never bake a successful batch of cookies. Now that my Aunt bought me a Silpat about 5-6 years ago, I bake cookies that are edible. Hope it helps!

  3. Delilah Stewart says

    I use Stoneware ones from Pampered Chef and love them!

  4. I adore my Farberware Cookie sheet and I have like a flat try one by Calphlon. I picked them both up at Ross after my wedding gift set stopped being helpful to me. Nothing sticks to either one of those cookie sheets and everything I cook on them comes out perfectly.
    .-= Chelsia´s last blog ..How to freeze Berries =-.

  5. My Pampered Chef stones hands down! Never had a problem yet.

  6. Priscilla says

    I don’t have a favorite brand. But for a long time, I kept trying new ones too(even borrowed ones). We moved and got a new (to us) oven about the same time I started using parchment paper. Now, I have perfect cookies with very little clean up. My current sheets are from Ross.

  7. I’m an airbake girl. I don’t put mine in the dishwasher and never bake frozen french fries on them without foil. I did this once and they about never come clean. I like them because cookies NEVER burn on the bottom and cook very evenly. I’ve had mine for about 16 years and they still are in good shape.

  8. Stoneware all the way! What an heirloom to pass down too?!
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Angie’s New Room =-.

  9. I use pizza stones, too. Not the jelly roll kind of sheets because they don’t bake as well. You almost CAN’T burn cookies on them!

  10. I use airbake ones with parchment paper and all my cookies turn out wonderfully. (I use parchment because my airbakes are the larger size and I haven’t found Silpat sheets that are big enough.)

  11. Stephanie says

    My favorite cookie sheets are by Calphalon, and I got them at Bed Bath & Beyond. I always use parchment paper when I bake cookies.

  12. Pampered Chef stoneware for sure!
    .-= Lynn´s last blog .. =-.

  13. I use airbake ones and line them with parchment paper. They will turn brown/black because of cooking spray is what I was told.

  14. I love my Pampered Chef Stoneware. I used to sell it and our motto was “the blacker, the better.” Mine are finally starting to get really dark after 5 years of use! I do have a couple of cookies that I prefer to be moister in the middle so I use Airbake for those (the stone cooks a little too evenly sometimes:) )

  15. I use 1/2 Sheet Pans from the restaurant supply store. They are fairly inexpensive and hold up VERY well. Mine are 2 years old, used almost daily and are always washed in the dishwasher.

    • @Tricia, That’s what I use and Silpat mats and have for years also… I’ve got 4 mats and probably 6 or so pans… so I can rotate in and out of the oven if I’m doing a large batch of cookies… this way, I have two loaded pans waiting while the other two are baking…
      .-= Michael’s Kitchen´s last blog ..New Post on the CHOCOLATE PAGE =-.

  16. I’m another voter for the Pampered Chef Stonewear. And I second what some of those above have said, no soap and the blacker the better. They never burn the bottom and you can do pizza’s on them as well as baked goods.

  17. I use the airbake/parchement combo and my cookies are very popular!
    .-= Jolene´s last blog ..Melody, a birth retrospective (finally!) =-.

  18. I use airbake pans, my grandmother bought me them when I first got married and I love them. I have tried other pans but they just don’t compare.
    .-= Alesha´s last blog ..What to wear… =-.

  19. Stonewear bar pan from Pampered Chef! I own only one, but it is the only one I ever use. My husband always makes fun of me for not having a second pan ready to put in the oven when the first comes out, but I refuse to put my cookies on anything but my Pampered Chef stonewear! My pan has twelve distinct circles on it from where the cookies always go. 🙂

  20. I have tried stone, airbake and stainless; I prefer the thin stainless steel kind, no air cushion or anything. It does not turn dark and performs well for years.

  21. AirBake cookie sheets are my favorite. Cookies always come up nice & soft & they never burn.

  22. stoneware and airbake. If you have stuff on your airbake that wont come off just spray with cooking spray, leave for a few minutes and wipe clean with a towel 🙂

  23. I used airbake many, many years ago, and loved them, I would like to get some more. I’m not crazy about my stones, they are just too heavy for me.
    I also have Pampered Chef cookie sheets, love them, but yes, they are turning yucky on the edge too.
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Chicken Phillies with Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken =-.

  24. The best cookie sheets are half sheet pans you get at a restaurant supply store. They are six dollars each and last forever. They are designed to be used by professional bakers so they are used to hard work.

  25. Airbake sheets are the best. And they have to be the ones that are made by Airbake, you have alot of knock offs that are not good. They sheets help to bake cookies evenly and just the right color. I do use parchment paper but not will all the things I bake

  26. cosha pickel says

    i usually use silpit sheets but i love useing stoneware

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