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What Happened To My Hair?!

My hair is a strange topic for my allergy website, I know that, but stay with me on this one.

I have now been gluten free for nine months. I still cannot believe how much better I feel gluten free. Yes, there have been tough days and times, but my overall health is so much better that it is worth it. I really do not miss gluten, I miss some of the conveniences of gluten filled foods, but I do not miss gluten itself.

From my asthma, to my reflux, to my allergies, I feel like a new person. Even my skin and nails are in better condition. The severe acne that I have suffered with most of my life, is the best it has ever been. I basically have no acne now. My skin is healing.

I fell like after all this time my whole body is healing.

There is one strange thing happening though and that is my hair.

This was my hair one year ago.

This is my hair today.

Yes, over the last six months or so my hair has turned curly.

Now, I have always had some wave to my hair, but really not much, and only in the very front. It has never been like it is now, well, except for a bad perm in the 8th grade. It has never been naturally curly.

Some people are telling me that it is probably hormonal and that I am aging. This very well might be true, especially since I have suffered a lifetime of female and hormonal issues.

However, I am leaning more towards nutrition. My hair has only done this since going gluten free. My overall health is so much better, I am wondering if it is affecting my hair too. Is better nutrition and better health giving me healthier hair?

What are your thoughts? Do you think it could be nutrition and food related or is it something else. I am curious if anyone else has had something like this happen?

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  1. Wow! Your hair looks amazing! So fluffy! 🙂

  2. I don’t know what the cause is, but it looks beautiful!!!

  3. I think it’s possible that it’s diet related. But also your body may be changing in other ways, which could have caused the change in your hair.

    I’ve also got food allergies, although they aren’t gluten. I’ve narrowed down my allergy and have been avoiding certain foods for the past 3 weeks. My finger nails have suddenly grown and the acne that has been plaguing me for the past 6 months has disappeared. Amazing how the body reacts to what we put into it!

  4. I LOVE your “new” hair! So much body and “fluff”, as Myra says. 🙂

  5. a change in your hair may not necessarily be a good and healthy thing. i’m currently undergoing changes to my hair from chemotherapy which is straight up poisoning your body on purpose so i wouldn’t consider it a good thing at all.

    • I have a friend who’s hair went dark after chemotherapy, so you are right changes in hair are not always a good thing.

  6. LOVE the new curls, Lynn!

  7. I like it both ways… :o)

    I know with my self.. once I hit 40 my eyesight has gone down hill.. and since having my second child.. my finger nails are not as durable as they used to be..

  8. cassie - b says

    My hair was curly as a child, then straightened out during my teen years. As the years went on, the less hormones, the curlier the hair. I now have what I officially call “curly hair” How strange. Our family is not eating a gluten free diet, but I’m very determined to make “healthy” meals. And I don’t mean healthy from the grocery store shelves. I’m much more determined than that.
    And I must say, your hair looks great.

  9. Growing up my hair was absolutely straight- no amount of curling was going to help it. As I have gotten older it has gotten curlier, especially in the humidity. I have just recently gone gluten free and that has not changed the curl, but I do think my hair is healthier and thicker. If only the gray would go away!

  10. I haven’t got a clue about whether diet affects the curliness of hair, but I can tell you my own hair became much curlier after my second child was born. I used to have waves like in your second picture, now I have corkscrew curls.

  11. I have recently started a gluten free diet and noticed a change in my hair. Along with being very sick my hair had become very dry and I keep mine short. Since starting the diet in Feb. my hair has turned so soft. Also had very dry skin the same thing no longer dry.

  12. I came up will a severe soy allergy three years ago (with straight hair!) I am now completely soy free and have ringlets all over my head, says something for diet!

  13. Lynn,

    My best friend and I have had the same experience. Thank you for posting! I’ve done some reading on the internet and came up with the same conclusion. Hairstyling is definitely an issue!!

    Take care!

  14. Hey! This happened to me! 14 months gluten free, and my previously poker straight hair is now amazingly curly. It sounds like I’m insane! And all the stuff about your acne etc is totally true of me too. Can’t wait to see what the next year GF brings!

    • Thanks for sharing that it happened to you! People still think it is a little strange when I say I think it is gf that made my hair turn more curly. I am still amazed at the difference gf has made in my overall health. I hope you experience the same!

      • Tania Mauro says

        Just googliing as I had same experience and glad found this post. I was curly as a small child. Gluten-free 3 years and despite the length they are curly again, after 40 years of straight boring hair I now need to learn how to deal with them all over again

        • I am so glad that you found my curly hair post. I also find it fascinating to hear that others have had the same experience.

  15. I found out that I was allergic to wheat over a year ago. I immediately changed my diet to gluten free, since wheat is in everything! I feel awesome, skin looks great, no more stomach issues. I noticed about 6 months ago that my hair is turning wavy. I have always had stick straight hair wet or dry. I definitely believe that has to do with nutrition.

    • I have heard this from others too. I agree. I have now been gluten free almost ten years and my hair is still more wavy than it ever was before I went gluten free.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.