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What Is It Wednesday {Item Twenty-One}

My father-in-law recently took a trip to California.

And he brought us back some of these. I had never had one before.

And I apologize that the picture is not better, by the time I took the picture it was not at its freshest.

Do you know what it is?

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  1. Guava???

  2. It’s very small, isn’t it? I want to say golden passion fruit, but the color’s not quite right. From the outside it almost looks like a tomatillo out of it’s husk.

  3. Canadiangirlrox says


  4. I was thinking the same thing as Sandy…a tomatillo without the husk…but the insides look kinda like a fig…although the outside doesn’t! I have no idea what this thing is!!!

  5. I’m back again….after looking at the insides once more…this has to be some kind of fig… that is my guess! 🙂

  6. It looks like photos I have seen of dragon fruit…but not sure.

  7. A green fig. I had one for lunch. The people at the store didn’t know the exact name just Green Fig. It wasn’t as flavorful as a black fig but it was interesting.

  8. It’s a fig

  9. A fig!

  10. Looks like a fig to me.

  11. a tomatillo or guava

  12. I’m agreeing with the last few commentors – looks like a fig of some kind. Cover it with chocolate and pistascios and it will be very yummy.

  13. Persimmon –

    Its fruit has green skin and white flesh, which turns black when ripe.

  14. Fig

  15. Calimyrna Fig?

  16. LINDA STOKES says

    The shape and size looks right for a persimmon, but all of the ones I have seen are kind of orange not green, but the only ones I have seen are in the south, not California.

  17. A green fig, my favourite summer fruit! I love them drizzled with honey and chopped almonds and then baked in the oved – yum!

  18. This looks like an unripe fig…???

  19. I sure didn’t recognize the outside, but the inside sure says “fig”. It IS getting to be fig time, isn’t it? A fresh fig is so different from the dried ones that it’s hard to believe they’re the same fruit.

  20. It looks like a tomatillo without its husk.

  21. I thought it was a tomatillo (without a husk), too, but the inside definitely looks like a fig. How did it taste?

  22. I think it’s a fig, too!

  23. Retha Nordyke says

    I t could be a guava.

  24. I agree that it looks like a green fig.

  25. It totally looks like a fig on the inside. I am not up on my figs, but am pretty sure I’ve seen green figs.

  26. Okay, am I the only one that wants to have What was it Thursday. A week is a long time! I have no idea what it is. 🙂

    • I know and I have thought of giving the answer earlier than a week, but I would have to come up with a new item each week, which for me would be harder. I could maybe just not do them as often, so it would not be weekly. You are not the first one to mention that, so I will give it some thought. 🙂

  27. Jeri Hastings says

    It’s a fig. Commonly called a white fig, even though the skin is green. They are WONDERFUL

  28. Has to be a fig with that inside.

  29. It sort of looks like a squished guava because of the color, but the seeds look more fig-like. I am eager to know the true identity!

  30. I’m from California, too, and this looks like a green fig. They’re plentiful right now — but they’re not sweet. It looks like a guava when whole, but the seeds give it away.

  31. It’s definitely a fig! I got them in my bountiful baskets last weekend. Not sure how to cook them.

  32. Definitely a fig! I have a fig tree in my backyard and love these little treasures in the fall. Sweet like honey!

  33. It looks like a fig?

  34. It’s a fig. We have a few fig trees. Love the smell of them.

  35. It is a FIG! We have them here that my MIL grows!
    They are delicious, just spoon them out and eat as is!
    Hope you enjoy eating them!

  36. A Fig!

  37. Francine Moore says

    It’s a fig! they’re scrumptious!

  38. It is a fig! 🙂

  39. looks like a fig inside??

  40. It’s GOT to be a fig, we have and enjoy them here in the south!

  41. It is a green fig and that is one of the sweetest fruit I have ever eaten. Absolutely delicious!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.