Fajita Seasoning

We love to eat fajitas, especially in the summer time. It is a great quick and easy meal all in one that you do not need your oven for. The problem I have had is my husband likes the store bought mixes like this.

I have tried marinades and fancier recipes but he always says he likes the package mixes best. I don’t like buying them because of all the “extra” stuff they have in them. Plus they are about $1 a package and that adds up.

I have seen several recipes for homemade mixes. I adjusted the recipes to our tastes and I have finally come up a version of the seasoning mix that we think is pretty close if not better then the store packages. It is healthier and much more frugal.

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  1. ru4real @ Healthy Living says:

    I’m just looking through your great recipes and this one caught my eye. I love the thought of making my own fajita seasoning mix. I wonder why it never occurred to me before?!

  2. Thank you for this recipe! I am excited to try it. We never have fajitas because I hate buying the mixes. Like the other comment I never thought to make my own.

  3. Love your site! It keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all the homemade recipes for seasonings, sauces, cream soups (a favorite).
    Keep them coming Lynn and blessings to you.

  4. Lynn, would you consider a future e-book with this kind of homemade seasoning mixes and sauces?

    • @LisaB, I hope to do an ebook later this year of all my favorite make at home foods like seasoning, sauces, etc. because I think there are quite a few readers that would find that helpful.

  5. Is there a healthy alternative to the boullion cubes? We can’t tolerate the MSG and other nasty stuff in them.

    • @Soccy, Many boullions also contain gluten, which several in my family can not have, so I often just leave the boullion out and I have not noticed a huge difference. I hope that helps and that you enjoy it.

      • @Lynn, Mrs. Miller’s has a Chicken Flavored Soup base which is gluten free and MSG free. Mrs Millers is based out of Fredericksburg, Ohio and is available at bulk food stores.

  6. I Play Outside The Box says:

    Sounds like a great alternative! I pinned this on my Pinterest…hope it brings you lots of traffic!


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