Strawberry Pie

This is the best strawberry pie, at least my family thinks so. It is really good. I have never made a strawberry pie before. I have had strawberry pie at a restaurant and always enjoyed it, but I never thought I could create the same thing at home.

I recently saw a recipe in Cook Country magazine for diner style strawberry pie that looked really easy and really good. So, I gave it a try. It was so good. I will be making this again soon. It will make a great summertime dessert. My whole family enjoyed this. I told my sister about the recipe and she made it for my mom for mother’s day and they all loved it. It is really good. If you like strawberries, I think you will love this pie.

This recipe has a couple of tricks that I think make it work. One is that it contains both frozen and fresh strawberries. The other is the amount of gelatin it has in it. It is 1 tablespoon which is a little more than one package of Knox gelatin. But it is worth is to do these steps.

I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Snow White says:

    that looks amazing! thanks for continuing to inspire me in the kitchen! I have a little bloggy award for you on my cooking blog!

  2. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says:

    We love the strawberries at our house. Thanks Lynn.

  3. Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam says:

    OH YUM!! With strawberry picking right around the corner, I am looking for as many strawberry recipes as I can find. Thanks for linking to Tasty Tuesday. :)

  4. I love strawberry pie!

  5. A happy heart at home says:

    That looks great! We love strawberries.


  6. Ashley @ The Happy Little Home says:

    This looks fantastic and I am so happy to have found your fabulous blog!!

  7. This looks delicious! I’ve tried a few different recipes for strawberry pie, and they’re all good!

  8. shopannies says:

    just wanted to tell you this is going to be a hit at the graduation party thanks for the recipe

  9. YUM!!! my mouth is watering

  10. That looks so wonderful! The perfect accompanient to a summer meal!

  11. Oh, yum! This sounds fabulous! I can’t wait to go strawberry picking. IT has been so wet here that the farm is taking longer to get ready the strawberries. Hope this weekend we can go out!! :D

  12. Looks delicious! And just in time for the long weekend! Thanks for the recipe!

  13. That pie looks AMAZING! Funny…I just bought a lb of beautiful strawberries and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. Now I know!

  14. Lynn I made your pie crust recipe today for a homemade apple pie. This was the most flaky crust i have ever had. Thank you.

  15. I just wanted to thank you for posting the recipe. I just saw the episode today and am dying to make this. When you try to get the recipe online they want you to sign up for a free trial of cooks illustrated. I am glad you wrote down the measurements. I missed the amount of gelatin you needed.
    Much thanks!!!

  16. Jennie Gift says:

    Hello Lynn,

    Could I make this with fresh strawberries?

    • @Jennie Gift, I think the trick to this pie and why the texture is so good it using both the frozen and fresh strawberries. I think you could use all fresh, but it may change the pie some. I hope that helps.

  17. I just read that recipe online from Cook’s. They feature things through their emails for a short time, then they are unavailable. I am on their mailing list, but don’t subscribe to their magazine, so don’t get bugged about signing up too much.
    The combination of cooked-down with fresh strawberries seems ingenious.

  18. SouthernBelle says:

    Thank you Lynn for posting this recipe! I too have been looking for this recipe after trying to get it on Cooks Country’s site and only was hounded to join their site- then still couldn’t get the recipe; so I sadly had to just give up.
    You are a life saver girl! I cannot wait to try this pie. It’s a little bit of work but I’m ready to do it.
    Thank You SO MUCH!!!

  19. I use strawberry or any red gelatin instead of the unflavored gelatin, mainly because I always have it on hand but rarely keep unflavored gelatin on hand. Living in the country means substitutions happen. ha


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