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Oil Sprayer

I love this Oil Sprayer. I have had several brands of them, but it is the overall idea that I love. They are so easy and so much healthier than this:

I do keep Pam spray on hand for a few jobs. But it is full of a lot of chemicals. I have asthama and so do two of my kids. Using a tool like this helps keep the smells out of the air in our house. In fact the few times I do use Pam I take it outside to spray it so that I do not have a coughing attack. So this tool is great to use in our house.

My one complaint with these sprayers are that they do get clogged after a few years. I think I have had three over the last 8 or more years. But when you figure a bottle of Pam costs several dollars I think that it is still a good deal to use these.
Does anyone else use one of these oil sprayers?

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  1. FishMama says:

    I have always wanted one of these! But, I never wanted to shell out the cash. How much are they?

    Great tip! Thanks!

  2. I got mine at linen and things with a 20% off. I think it was around $10 or $12. I hav also seen them at Walmart for about that. But I have not looked in a couple of years.

  3. lindsay edmonds says:

    I like the idea! I have never heard of this before. So I assume you can put any time of oil in it?

  4. Lindsay, yes I have put olive oil in one before. It worked good. I have not cooked much with other oils so olive and regular cooking type oil are all I have used. Here is the link to one that Linen and Things sells. If anyone is interested. The one they sell is by Misto. http://www.lnt.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1361985&cp=&kw=misto+oil+sprayer&origkw=misto+oil+sprayer&sr=1

  5. I can see the whole link did not post but if you go to lnt.com and search Misto Oil Sprayer you should be able to find it. Amazon has a couple on their site as well.

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