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Pesto, Cheese, Turkey Sandwich

My basil plant is doing very well this year. I planted it in the ground instead of in a pot. I am glad I did because it has done great. I am picking a lof of basil and I am using it to make pesto.

I have tried a few new ways to use pesto. I tried pesto rice. Let’s just say it was not a hit with my family. My husband ate it for dinner and then told me that I should toss the rest of it out. I know it is bad if he does not eat it because he likes almost anything. So, I will not be making pesto rice again.

I did try it spread on a sandwich and we all loved it. I had some left over foccocia and I used that for the bread. I spread one piece of bread with pesto then layered mozzarella cheese, bacon, turkey lunch meat, sliced tomato, and another piece of mozzarella cheese. I heated it on my grill just until it was warm and the cheese was softened. This made it panini style. This was so good. It was also a quick and easy dinner. I already had the pesto made and it went together and cooked in no time. I served it with a salad and it make a great dinner. I will be making sandwiches pesto again.

Do you grow your own basil? How do you use it?

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  1. do you have a good recipe for pesto?

  2. I like my pesto with walnuts not pine nuts. For a long time I did not like pesto and could not figure out what it was. Then I saw recipes for it with walnuts. Now I love it. Here is the link to my favorite recipe. I have been making a lot of it and freezing it to use later on. http://lynnskitchenadventures.blogspot.com/2008/06/pesto.html

  3. http://lynnskitchenadventures.blogspot.com/2008/06/pesto.html

    Here is the link again. It looks like it did not work. If the link does not work just go to the main dish pasta section on my side bar it is listed there.

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