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Caramel Corn

This caramel corn is a great frugal snack or dessert idea. The recipe came from my husband’s grandmother. When we got married she gave me her favorite cookbook.

She said she really did not cook much anymore and she wanted me to have it. It was a church cookbook from a church they had attended at one point. It is a large cookbook and has lots of good recipes. This is my favorite recipe from that cookbook.

My tip on this recipe is it is easier to stir the hot caramel sauce into the popcorn if you have two people. It just makes it easier to get it well coated.

This recipe is easy but if you have never made anything like it before I would suggest you 1/2 it the first time in order to get the idea about stirring all the sauce around. And one more thing, yes the caramel sauce bubbles up when you add the baking soda to it. It is supposed to do that.

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  1. MommySecrets says:

    What a great fall recipe – I bet this is super delicious!

  2. Jenn @ Frugal Upstate says:

    Sounds a lot like the recipe I use. You are right-this stuff is WAY too good-I have a hard time not eating it all myself before I even get out the door.

  3. This sounds good. I’m thinking halloween might be the time for this recipe (if I can hold off that long).

  4. Could you tell me how much this equals out to of unpopped popcorn please?

  5. This is awesome! I replaced honey for the corn syrup! Delicious!! Thanks for the great recipe!

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