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Rice Cooker

A friend of mine recently borrowed my rice cooker to see if she liked it enough to purchase one. I was telling her all about why I like mine, so I decided to post about my rice cooker for Tooling It Up Tuesday.

I received my first rice cooker as a wedding gift. At the time it seemed like a pretty gourmet tool. I had no idea though how much I would use and enjoy this gift.

When I was growing up we did not eat much rice. Yes, it was a cheap food but my dad did not really like it. So, I had not really cooked much of it. When my husband and I first got married and he was in college we ate a lot of rice because it was cheap. I liked how the rice cooker made it seem to so easy. Now, I know cooking rice is not the difficult, but I still liked how simple the rice cooker made it.

One of the other reasons I like my rice cooker is that you do not have to watch a pot on the stove. You do not have to worry about the water boiling over or the rice getting too done. You just place the rice and water in the rice cooker and set it. It cooks without you ever having to worry about it.

My rice cooker also has a stay warm feature. I like that feature because if the rice finishes cooking before I am done fixing the rest of the meal, that is fine. The rice will stay warm for about an hour.

The rice cooker I received for a wedding gift broke a few years ago. I replaced it with the one pictured above. When my first one went out I knew I needed to replace it with a new one. I knew it was definitely a tool that I would keep using a lot.

Do you have a rice cooker?

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  1. Sounds great! Does it take up a lot of room? That’s always been one of my hesitations. I use the crockpot for rice, but sometimes it gets a little crunchy around the edges.

  2. Fishmama, it is about the size of my small crockpot. Which I think is a 4 quart crockpot, if that helps. It does take up a little room but I think it is worth it. They do have smaller models but those don’t hold as much rice. I like to have the option of cooking more rice if needed. I am sure in your house you also need lots of rice. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mama Koala says:

    I love my rice cooker! We use it all the time. We love to throw hot dogs in with the rice–a yummy, inexpensive meal.

  4. Lynn, your Tooling it up Tuesday link takes me to Life As Mom.

    • @Becky, Tooling It Up Tuesday was a feature that Life As Mom used to have. We would all link up our favorite household tools. She no longer does the feature, but I still have the posts on my site. Sorry about that.

  5. It would be SO MUCH more helpful if you told us the brand. Maybe a link to where to find it. Please???

    Thank you.

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