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My Girls and Cooking

My two girls are at the age that they like to help in the kitchen. There are some chores they really dislike, but overall they are very interested in what I am doing in the kitchen.

I am glad that they are the age to actually be of some help. I am enjoying having two other people to help with the dishes and clean up. It is nice to have others set and clear the table. But they want to help with everything. They want to help measure the flour, crack the eggs, stir the batter, and peel the potatoes.

I have really struggled with the area of letting them help with the cooking. At the age they are at, it is more work than help. They make messes when they stir the batter. When they crack eggs, they get egg shells in them. When they measure the flour, they are not very accurate. But I have learned that I need to let them help. Yes, it is more work now, but in a few years, or hopefully sooner, they will be able to make complete meals on their own. They will be very useful in the kitchen, it just takes time to train them.

My job is to train them. Part of training them is teaching them things like cooking. I need to take the time to train them in all areas. Yes, I can peel potatoes much faster than my eight year old, but she enjoys peeling potatoes. In a few years, I doubt she will enjoy peeling them anymore. I need to take advantage of her interest now. If I don’t, I might miss a big opportunity.
I need to remember that a little extra time in training them now will be worth the end result.

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  1. Very true, teach them while it’s still “fun” and they’re willing to learn. All too soon, it’ll be “Aww, mom!” when you ask for help!

    Wishing you and your girls, “Good cooking”.

  2. What a blessing that they want to learn. I hear you about it taking twice as long.

    I always send my 6 yr old to the kitchen about 20 minutes before I plan to start cooking. She can peel carrots or cut up potatoes or just get out the things I will need. Giving her a head start makes it easier for her to keep up.

  3. So true- at almost five my daughter is very interested in helping. It is really just a matter of how much time and patience I have!

  4. cooking like a frugalite says:

    I struggle with that,too. Thanks for the reminder.

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