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Cookie Cake

I really like the cookie cakes that you can buy at some stores and bakeries, but I do not like the price. I have always figured that I could make one just as good and it would be cheaper. This was not as easy as I had thought. The ones that you buy have just the right texture. The ones that I had tried to make were dry in the middle or just not right.

I tried making one on my pizza stone, thinking that it would help the texture. It did not. All it did was spread all out and make a mess in my oven. I just could not get it right.

Well, I finally found a recipe that works for a cookie cake. A few months ago I posted about the Martha Stewart Skillet cookie. I decided to try using this as a cookie cake. I just carefully flipped it out onto a platter and then let my kids decorate it. It turned out great. The texture was just right and decorating it was easy. Obviously, my daughter had fun with this one, but you really could decorate this for any type or birthday or event. This is a much more frugal option then buying a cookie cake.

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  1. Joy @ Five J's says:

    I am so NOT a cake fan, but I would love to have cookie for a birthday! Thanks! I’ve bookmarked it (like I bookmark just about every post of yours).

  2. I LOVE this idea~ my son would love to decorate a big cookie cake!!!

  3. I sold and baked what seemed like a million heart shaped ones to fund my choir trip to NYC in high school. We used a modified blonde brownie recipe (it was really a cookie bar). The sugar cookie was the hardest because it had to be really thin if it was going to cook right, so it was very delicate.

  4. I may have to give this a try for my grandson’s upcoming birthday. Thanks!

  5. Raggedy Girl says:

    What a fun activity for kids and I would like a cookie over a cake too!
    Happy Friday to you!
    Roberta Anne

  6. I love to let my kids help…they are always so proud of their creations.

  7. WendyDarling says:

    This looks REALLY good. I may have to make one this weekend. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I did this for Valentine’s Day one year in the shape of a heart. ๐Ÿ˜€ They are so much fun!

  9. Oooh, I LOVE cookie cakes! It would be fun to make our own. Thanks for sharing!

  10. NeedANap2 says:

    I’ve used the pre-made cookie doughs for cookie cakes. It seems to work pretty well with Pillsbury chocolate chip according to their website recipe directions. It works really well on the pizza stone but it does spread out. One time I forgot if it took 1 or 2 packages and used 2 – ugh, I’ve never seen such a mess in my oven!!!

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