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Prize Winning Cookies

My two main hobbies right now are cooking and blogging. Cooking is time consuming when you do as much of it as I do. I cook more than necessary. I love to bake and I bake way more then we eat. I end up giving a lot of my baked goods away. I love it, but it does take a lot of time. It can also be an expensive hobby when you love all kinds of cookbooks and kitchen gadgets like I do.

My second hobby, blogging, is also very time consuming. It actually takes up more time than I ever realized. But I have also enjoyed it more than I ever realized. Last week though my two hobbies finally paid off, well, at least a little.

Last fall I posted a recipe for a Chocolate Toffee Pecan cookie. I took a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I love and adapted it with toffee and pecans. It was through blogging about this recipe that I found out about a recipe contest that Bass Pecan was having. I entered the contest and sometime in October I was chosen as their recipe of the week. I had never entered a recipe contest before, so I was thrilled to be chosen for the recipe of the week.

For winning, Bass Pecan sent me some pecans, which I thought was a great prize. I knew that I was then entered into the contest for the grand prize, but I never really thought much about it. I figured the contest was over and forgot about it. That was until last week. I was notified that I won the grand prize. My cookies won. I can’t believe it. My cookies won $1,000. That was the grand prize. Wow! I love these cookies, but I am still suprised they won $1,000!

I still can’t believe it. My hobbies are paying off. I have never won anything like this before and I am so excited. Can you tell?

Do you like the picture above? They asked me to send them a picture of some that I had made and I am trying to decided if I like this one. Do you like it? My family hopes that I need to keep taking pictures to get the right one. They want me to keep baking cookies. But I think the one above is pretty good. Let me know what you think.

And if you have not tried these cookies, you really should they are so good.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. I like the cookies and the picture. Congratulations.

  2. Congratulations! This picture is great.

  3. Oh WOW, Lynn. How exciting. What an honor. Yes, I can hear your joy and it is well earned. I think the picture is fine. Keep up the good work!!

  4. How exciting! I can only imagine how thrilled you are. I think your picture is good. Congratulations.

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations!

    Aww, have mercy on your family and make some more!

  7. How cool is that?! What a nice surprise and it sounds like it was a well deserved win! I know I love your cooking blog. Even if you hadn’t won the contest you should have won just because of the “awesomeness” (can I count that as a word?!) of your blog. Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations! That’s very exciting for you!! I made these cookies a couple weeks ago and everyone LOVED them, including myself! They are DELICIOUS! Thanks for the recipe! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. newlyweds says:

    Wow, way to go! So exciting!!


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  2. […] also has her own blog https://www.lynnskitchenadventures.com where she discusses cooking and recipes that she tries at […]

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