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Cold Oven Pound Cake and Strawberries

Thank you to everyone that commented on my test posts.  I think we now have all the links and feeds working.  I say we, but I really need to thank Joy at fivejs.com. She spent several hours today helping me fix the problems. Thank you Joy!

Now that things are working better on this site, I can get back to recipe posts. I am much better at cooking than I am fixing computer problems.  So, on to the recipe.

One of my favorite desserts during the spring and summer is cake served with fresh fruit on top. Because of this I have tried quite a few pound and angel food cakes over the years. I have found several really good recipes.

But recently I found one the was very interesting. It is a cold oven pound cake. These were popular years ago to save money by not preheating the oven. I guess they were quite popular at one time.

This cake takes quite a bit longer than your normal pound cake to bake, so I am not sure you are really saving money by using less electricity or gas. But either way it is really good.

This cake was quite light, for a pound cake. I was surprised. I really did not know what to expect from this recipe. But it was really good. It was one of the best pound cakes I have made and I will make it again.

Have you ever heard of Cold Oven Pound Cake?

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  1. Beca Fox says:

    Looks wonderful! A true summers dessert.

  2. I have heard of this but I never made it. Great for the summer fruits.

  3. I love pound cake, sponge cake etc. What an easy recipe this is.

  4. Love the pound cake!! Thanks for a new recipe to try.

  5. This looks perfect for summer. I’m going to try it next weekend. Thanks!

  6. Patricia says:

    Do you use brown rice flour in the cold oven pound cake?

    • This is a recipe from before I went gluten free, so the recipe calls for regular flour. I have not tried this in gluten free yet.

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