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Homemade Lemon Pudding

I know I have been posting quite a few pudding recipes lately, but several of you have asked for my homemade lemon pudding recipe and I wanted to be sure to share it with you.

When my friend Toni sent me lemons a few months ago I knew one of the things I wanted to make was lemon pudding. I love lemon and pudding, so I knew lemon pudding would be a perfect way to use these lemons.

My mom used to make the best lemon pudding when I was a kid. It was one of my favorite desserts and I would often request it. This recipe is similar to the one my mom makes and it is so good.

One of the things that I love about homemade puddings is that they are a quick and easy dessert. They go together in no time and work either warm or cold. Not only that, pudding usually contains simple ingredients that I almost always have on hand.

If you have never tried making homemade pudding you really should give it a try. It is quick and easy and so much better tasting.

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  1. You might not have the answer, but do you think this would set firm enough for a pudding pie?

  2. I’ve never even thought of lemon pudding but it sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. Mama Kelly aka Jia says

    I used to love lemon pudding as a kid, now the boxed ones taste too chemically. This looks like a great way to revisit a childhood favorites.

  4. Seriously, this sounds so delicious my tummy is rumbling right now just thinking about making it! I love lemon too so this will for sure be going on the ‘to-make’ list.

  5. I agree, Mom makes really great lemon pudding. Of course, I find it kind of funny, because I have never seen her juice a real lemon. She always buys the bottled juice. Maybe that is her secret ; )

  6. I just made this o-m-g it’s sooooo good .I loooove anything with lemon and this is great!
    My one year old can’t stop eating it he keeps crying cause he wants more. This was so easy and quick to make. I used real lemons and it took me a while to get 1/2 cup I kept spilling it lol.
    Thank you so much for this recipe! It’s yummy

  7. Lynn, thank you! I will make this for a man on hospice who isn’t eating much except pudding. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.

  8. I would like to know if it is possibly to us Splenda in place of sugar?

  9. I just made this with half lime juice (some fresh) and half lemon (bottled) with two drops of green food coloring for St. Patty’s Day and it is DIVINE!!! I can’t wait to devour this after dinner tonight! Thanks!

  10. Leslie B says

    Easy & GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! Thanks

  11. Would this pudding be ok to use as a cake filling?

  12. I made this using Truvia Sugar Blend, (1/4 cup +2 tablespoons) and Original Almond Breeze (in place of milk). When using the Truvia Sugar Blend, make sure to use the conversion ratio on the label, as you do not need to use the sugar equivalent, otherwise it will be too too sweet. I am a diabetic so I substitute Truvia Sugar Blend in all my recipes. I also grated 1/2 teaspoon of lemon zest and added it to the pudding, this gave the pudding a little extra zing!
    I served this over no sugar added Angel Food cake, toped with fresh Blueberries, and a touch of whipped cream. It was truly delicious!!

  13. I made it and flavor was fantastic. Thickness I had some problem with. It was perfect initially but became thin after straining. How can I fix that?
    Thank you,

  14. This pudding is sublime. I added a little zest because I like things super lemony. The texture is so smooth and silky! Thanks so much for sharing! I had no problem with it coming together although I add everything off the heat (except for the juice and butter), whisk it until smooth, and then cook it until thickened. No tempering or making scrambled eggs by accident. Came out so good I filled little cookie cups with it and we are enjoying them so much! This recipe is a keeper!

    • Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed it. Homemade pudding is one of my favorite desserts so I love hearing other people enjoy it too!

  15. This lemon pudding is delicious! I made a dessert with this using it as the base in a hollowed out lemon with mini lemon cupcakes and cream cheese icing – it was all tasty together! Thanks for the delish recipe!

  16. Marian A. Hershelman says

    I just found your website and it looks great. I am eating sugarless, grainless and high fat. I am going to try the lemon pudding substituting coconut flour for cornstarch, truvia for sugar and using coconut milk. Hope it works!! it is for a dinner I am fixing for a post-surgical neighbor.

    • I have made pudding dairy free with coconut and it works well. I hope the other substitutions work as well for you. I would love to hear if they do.

      • Marian A. Hershelman says

        The coconut flour made the texture grainy. I added gelatin to insure that it would set and I do not think it would have otherwise. The flavor was fine especially since I mixed in whipped cream! Any other suggestions for a cornstarch substitute?

  17. Karen R Burris says

    Do you need to add the salt in the sauce pan or is it better after you put in the lemon juice. I thought about just omitting the salt altogether.

    • Yes, you add it with the lemon juice. You could omit it and be fine. The salt just adds a little something to counter act the sweetness. Most homemade puddings have a little salt in them, but you could leave it out. I hope that you enjoy the pudding.

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