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Paula Deen’s Black Bean Soup

Black Bean Soup

This recipe is a recipe I found in Paula Deen’s magazine.  By the way, have I mentioned that I love her magazine.  I know I have mentioned that several times, but it really is becoming my new favorite magazine.

I did not change this recipe at all. Usually I tweak and change recipe, but this one was so simple that I made it just like Paula (or her magazine) said.

Black Bean Soup


It is simple to make and yet really good.  This is a great lunch or a quick dinner.  Serve this with quesadillas or chips and you have a really easy yet filling meal.

I think this will be on our menu a lot this fall and winter.

Black Bean Soup

My husband ate some of this leftover for lunch the next day and he said it was still very good.  But he did say that it was very thick, more like refried beans would be.

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  1. I’ve actually not purchased her magazine yet but this soup sound wonderful! I’m ready for soup weather too – I can live off of soup for days and you can’t beat homemade.

  2. That looks delicious. Now, if I could just convince my hubby he liked black beans….!

  3. Just found you through Tasty Tuesday. I LOVE bean soups, but haven’t tried Paula’s. I’m hosting an October Fest Carnival of Super Foods starting Thursday. The first theme is beans/legumes, so please feel free to come on over to link up this week (this one would be great!). More details at my site and the themes for the other weeks.
    Thanks, Katie

  4. Oh yummm…Just made this tonight, only had 3 cans of black beans (what??) so that was all that I used … it was very good. Hubby was quite pleased with it too so this is going in my little folder to make again … oh, I served it with cheese quesidillas too …

  5. kathy steadman says:

    since you used your own beans how much did you use? Usually the dry beans come in 1 lb bag. If I cooked up the whole bag would I use all of them for this recipe or just half?

    • @kathy steadman, Kathy, I don’t exactly know the answer. I cook my beans up in huge batches, a couple of pounds at a time and freeze them in small containers. But I am guessing….that 1 cup of dried beans would be about 2 cups cooked beans. I hope that helps. You may do some online searching to get a more precise answer.

  6. This looks like it will be great! I’m a vegetarian, so I’d leave out the bacon, use veggie broth and add vegan liquid smoke for extra flavor. And I’d probably not puree it, I’d leave it chunky. Yummy!

    • I think this is one of those recipes that you could easily change up. The bacon adds lots of flavor, but it is not necessary The liquid smoke or even some spiciness added to it would add a lot of flavor. And I agree on the chunky. I like it slightly chunky, but most of my family likes pretty smooth. Again though it is one of those recipes that is easy to adapt. I hope you enjoy it!


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