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Kitchen Essentials – A Citrus Juicer

This is not exactly an essential for the kitchen, you can make do with out it, but it definitely makes life in the kitchen easier.

I am talking about a juicer and I don’t mean a big juicer that makes apple or tomato juice. I am talking about a small, hand held, citrus juicer.

This makes juicing lemons and limes for things like lemon curd, lemon pie, or lime bars so much easier. It also allows you to get all the juice out of the lemon or lime. There is very little waste when using this tool.

It is so easy to use.

You place 1/2 a lime or lemon in the juicer.

You squeeze the handles together and

you have juice

and a lime with very little juice left in it.

I paid around $15 for this simple tool and it was so worth it. Mine is Pampered Chef brand, but Amazon sells a  Citrus Squeezer that is the same type of tool for a really good price.

If you use a lot of lemon or lime juice in your cooking or baking, I highly recommend one of these juicers.

Do any of you have a juicer like this?

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  1. I totally need one of those! I made key lime pie last summer and I needed a nap after hand squeezing all those tiny limes!
    .-= amanda @ fake ginger´s last blog ..Yeast Waffles =-.

  2. I love kitchen gadgets and I’ve had to make a conscious effort to hold off buying them just because they look cool. I have one of those juicers that you place the half fruit over the cone and then twist it. The disadvantage is that the pulp gets strained out and most of the time, I like the pulp. I really like the look of this one though.

  3. Yes, I totally love mine. The kitchen store I purchased it at had one for oranges, one for limes and one for lemons. I decided the one for lemons was big enough to do double duty for limes and lemons. Totally worth every penny!
    .-= Candi @ Family Stamping and FOOD!´s last blog ..RECIPE: Crispy Potato Cake =-.

  4. My mom had one of these when I was a kid and I’ve always wanted one! But, for the longest time I could never find one. Yeah!

  5. That would be so much easier than what we use! I also found that if you microwave a lemon or lime for 15 seconds, you get twice as much juice. I want one of those!

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