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Sour Cream Lemon Pie

I love lemon. I love just about anything lemon, especially desserts. Besides chocolate, lemon desserts are my favorite. I have loved lemons since I was kid. Lemon pie is my favorite lemon dessert.

Years ago, my best friend’s mom made a really good lemon pie. It was so good, one of the best I had ever had. But it was different, not a lemon meringue pie, it was a sour cream lemon pie. I loved the pie. I got the recipe from her and saved it. I never made it until after I was married, but I remembered that lemon pie. I have now made this pie many times. I have taken it to church dinners, picnics, and family gatherings.

I made it a couple of weeks ago for the lunch I made for my husband’s office. Everyone at the office loved the pie. This is a great summertime dessert and a nice change from your average lemon pie.

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  1. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says:

    Looks good Lynn. I love lemon pie! Thanks for participating in Tempt My Tummy Tuesday and sharing your recipe.

  2. I love lemons too, made the most amazing lemon sheet cake for an event on Saturday, it was delicious.
    And this pie sounds amazing too.

  3. This looks like it has a really creamy yummy texture. My husband LOVES lemons, so I can't wait to try it out.

  4. Lemon pie is so fresh for the summer time!

  5. Kim... and Her Coffee says:

    Hi Lynn, Glad to find your blog via Tasty Tuesday. This (and all of your recipes) look delicious…. anxious to try them.

  6. I love lemon as well, I have to try this. I bet it was creamy and delicious!

  7. jessied0918 says:

    LOVED this pie! Love lemon and had to give this a try. It will be a keeper and make it into my cook book.
    Thanks so much for sharing.. this will be a favorite!

  8. Delilah says:

    This pie is great! I alos think it would work good in a graham cracker crust.

  9. Delilah says:

    This pie is great! I alos think it would work good in a graham cracker crust.

  10. Lynn,
    Do you think low-fat or fat-free sour cream would work? I also sub in plain yogurt for sour cream but wasn’t sure if that would be too runny and affect the consistency. I am a fellow lemon lover!

    • I think low fat would work fine, I am not sure about fat free it might be fine. I have not used the fat free much. I think you are right that yogurt would be too runny. I hope that helps.

  11. Katie Brooks says:

    This pie was so simple and so good. This recipe is a keeper, thank you 🙂

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