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Gluten Free Brownie Pie

Yesterday on my main site I posted a recipe for a brownie pie that I made for my husband’s office staff. As soon as I made that recipe I knew it would adapt well to gluten free.

The recipe only contained a quarter of a cup of flour. Recipes with only a little bit of flour in them always adapt better than recipes with large amounts of flour. So those are always the best recipes to try to make gluten free.

The gluten free version of this brownie pie turned out really well. My husband ate a piece of both the regular and the gluten free version and he said they tasted basically the same.

His said that the gluten free version had a little bit of a different texture and he actually liked the gluten free version better because of that.

I always love hearing that a gluten free version is as good or better than the regular version.

I did not taste the regular version, of course, but I did think the regular version was prettier and came out of the pan easier.

However, when it comes to gluten free cooking, taste is what matters the most, and the taste of this was wonderful.

Now, with all that being said, this is not healthy. This is not something I would recommend eating often, this is a treat, but a really good treat.


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  1. Ket Brian says:

    I have been suffering from severe gas, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain and this weird itchy feeling especially in my hand and feet. The doctor has diagnosed me with diverticulitis although I have not had a colonoscopy. Any suggestions? My family seems to think it either gluten allergy or celiac.

  2. Mama Kelly aka Jia says:

    This looks really yummy! I have a friend who is modifying her diet to be gluten-free and she would just love this.

  3. This looks absolutely scrumptious! I’m going to give it a try, but I will have to modify it just a little bit more because of the eggs. Hopefully, it will work out:) Thank you for sharing!

  4. This looks really good! Do you have any suggestions as to what one would use as an alternative frosting if they can’t eat marshmallow cream?

  5. I recently made a black bean brownie recipe for our family and we really enjoyed it! I was wondering if you had ever tried one and if you thought that might work well as the base for this pie?

    • I think the texture might be a little different, but it would probably work. You could definitely frost a bean brownie and and have it be really good.

  6. Why do your posts not show up the current page when I try to pin them? I get a selection of blank boxes that I have to guess at to pin the current recipe I want to share….

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