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What Is It Wednesday- Item Ten

I found this a few weeks ago in our small town grocery store. Now, this grocery store is pretty basic and does not usually carry things that are unusual or not popular, so I was very surprised to find this there.

Here is it next to a banana, so that you can see the size of it.

Do you know what it is?

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. Papaya ? Yum. Love Papaya.

  2. over ripe spagetthi squash? or a mango?

  3. I’m guessing Papaya.

  4. Delilah Stewart says:

    Papaya? I have never bought one but I am scared. I don’t know how to cut them or anything.

  5. Looks like a papaya to me!

  6. It looks more like a paw paw to me, but I’ve never seen one in a store.

  7. I also vote papaya……

  8. Papaya

  9. It’s a papaya. My grocery store sells huge papayas that are as large as a person’s head.

  10. My first thought was some sort of pear, but man, that size really throws me. Do Papayas get that big?

  11. Looks like papaya to me as well. Our store have been having a lot of them and the price is fairly good, so we have been having them every week or so.

  12. It sort of looks like an overripe champagne mango!

  13. laura, they can get much much larger than that.
    I vote papaya as well.

  14. It’s a papaya.

  15. Courtney S. says:

    Papaya – I think you just cut it open and scoop. Maybe just go to You TUbe and search for a video on papaya. You Tube has got videos on every topic.

  16. Paula Cameranesi says:

    It is a papaya from Mexico. Yummy!

  17. I vote for papaya as well.:-)

  18. Papaya!!

  19. Papaya

  20. Elizabeth says:

    It is a Papaya.

  21. Francine says:

    a papaya

  22. A papaya past it’s prime, certainly very ripe.

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