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Corn and Ham Frittata

Frittatas are a one of my favorite quick and easy go to meals. You can vary them so much. From pasta frittata, to potato frittata, to the corn and ham frittata I have for you to today, they are all a perfect meal for any night of the week.

It is so easy to add meat, take away the meat, or change the meat in almost any frittata recipe. If you don’t have ham you can use sausage or bacon.

If you are cutting back on meat than add more vegetables. It is all about experimenting and having fun with basic frittata recipes. And if you have never tried making a frittata you really should give it a try.



Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. Yum! I’ve been looking for a nice versatile fritatta recipe.

  2. This looks great. I’ve been looking at quiche recipes today. Great timing!

  3. We tried this for dinner tonight…FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for sharing this! Typically, I fix things according to the recipe first, then we tweak it to our likings. This is one of the few recipes that was wonderful just the way it was. However, it is definitely a nice platform for jumping off from if we wanted to change things up a bit, but certainly not necessary! This is definitely a keeper =)

  4. I made your fritatta, and it was fabulous. My whole family loved it! It was also inexpensive… I costed it at $2.11 for the recipe. I did leave out the green chilies, though.

  5. I would love to use this receipe for the daycare i work at i’am the cook but what i need to know is how mny eggs to feed 12o children whole egg or even liquid eggs how many cups if you can help that would be great

    • I make this recipe in a pie pan and it feeds my family of 5, which is two adults and 3 older kids. So, I would say this would be 8 kid servings depending on what you served with it, but I think you could easily cut this into 8 pieces and have it be enough. I am not sure if that helps or not. And wow you feed 120 kids a day, I can’t imagine….. 🙂

    • I should have added that I think you could easily make this in larger 9×13 or even bigger pans to serve a large group. Just adjust the time it cooks if needed.


  1. […] was inspired by Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures last night and headed for the kitchen. She made this yummy looking corn and ham frittata and I had a freall the ingredients but I made mine a little differently. I actually make my […]

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