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Stove Top Rice Pudding

Modern day food is often complicated and difficult to make. We have gotten away from the simple classics and basic dishes of past generations.

So many recipes today contain gourmet ingredients and take hours to prepare. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with these recipes. They have a time and a place.

I have made many dishes that require extra time and ingredients, but I do not think we should forget the recipes of the past. According to today’s standards things like rice pudding are often considered to plain and old fashioned to have a place on our tables. I disagree.

Dishes like rice pudding are classics. They are simple recipes, that contain simple and basic ingredients.

And even though they are simple, they still taste so good. There is nothing more comforting to many people than a big bowl of rice pudding for dessert.

A classic and simple rice pudding is a favorite in our house. Is it in yours?


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  1. Thank you!! I have been looking for this for ages. I do a baked rice pudding, but remember a stovetop version from childhood. I am the only one in my family who likes (loves) it and it seems silly to heat the whole oven for a tiny bit of rice pudding, or alternatively make a big one that I “won’t want to waste”. My mother used to put raisins in it, I am wondering about maybe some other dried fruits. Either way, I think I have to go make this now…

  2. yummmmmmmmy! “cookin mimi” sent me your direction. You recipes look fabulous! I’m a new follower–would love a follow back! thanks!

  3. Mitzie Wilson says:

    Well, imagine that. Just yesterday I was remembering & thinking about how my mother-in-law made rice pudding for our sons. It was the grandma treat. I was thinking of getting out a recipe and making some.

  4. melissa martinez says:

    There is nothing gourmet about this recipe….but this is one of the easiest and most requested dessert in my house(and cheap).

  5. I make it with leftover rice, and it only takes about 20 minutes that way. My husband loves it for breakfast.

  6. Lovely! Thanks Lynn!
    We make this and serve it chilled. It is such a popular dessert over here, and can be served to children, as a snack, or dressed up with roasted hazelnuts and served as an elegant dinner-party dessert for grown-ups.
    My version contains a cinnamon stick, and a bay leaf which I remove before chilling the pudding.
    For a special Middle-Eastern touch, I add a spoon of rosewater.
    I’ve decided to prepare this tomorrow!

  7. I just finished making this and I halved the recipe as it is only me….it is absolute yummy (still hot in the pot). If I only had some whipped cream now to dollup on top 🙂 I didn’t put in the cinnamon but might sprinkle a bit on the top when I have a chilled bowl.

  8. Best rice pudding yet, yummy!!!


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