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Brown Sugar Glazed Bacon


What can make bacon even better? How about adding a little brown sugar.

I have cooked a lot of bacon over the last few years of raising hogs. In fact, I think the bacon is my family’s favorite thing about raising hogs. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get the whole hog done into bacon. YUM!

Yes, I know that would not be healthy, but I can dream can’t I?

Back to the recipe and the brown sugar glazed bacon. I have cooked a lot of bacon over the years and I normally just cook it plain, but once in awhile when I want the bacon to be a little over the top, I make brown sugar glazed bacon.

The brown sugar caramelizes on the bacon while it cooks and makes it so good. Brown sugar glazed bacon has a smoky sweet flavor that makes it some of the best bacon I have had.

Really this is good and if you want to take your bacon to the next level, try adding some brown sugar to it.


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  1. Have you had bacon wrapped little smokies rolled in brown sugar and baked. We have them for the super bowl every year. So good! We call them meat candy, I am not sure what they are actually called. Very good!

  2. Catherine says:

    Add some Cayenne Pepper to the brown sugar to make it sweet and spicy! YUMMY!!!

  3. Heather says:

    This makes me want to roll bacon wrapped pineapple in brown sugar! Lynn, do you always make your bacon in the oven? I do unless for some reason I’m only cooking 2 or 3 pieces. So much better than frying on the stove.

    • @Heather, Yes I usually cook my bacon in the oven unless I only need to cook a few pieces. I find it to be the easiest way to do it. So, yes I agree it is much better than frying.

  4. Oooh, there are few sweet things in this world I love more than pig candy.

    My only problem is that I’m much more liable to burn it than regular bacon (both of which I cook in the oven, go figure!).

  5. I’ve never tried bacon in the oven, but that sounds good! It also makes it sound healthier than frying it… And of course the brown sugar makes it healthier too 😉

  6. I make a recipe like this but add some dijon mustard with the brown sugar.

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