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What Is It Wednesday {Item Fifteen}

I found this at the grocery store this week.

This is what the inside of it looked like.

And for those of you that have asked me to set something next to it for a size comparison, here is the item set on a piece of paper.

Do you know what it is?


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  1. Karen Osmon says:

    Don’t know if I’ll spell this right but here goes! A Isrealie melon? Spell check doesn’t even help with this!

  2. crystal says:

    some type of a melon is my guess as to what kind.. Off to google

  3. Galia melon

  4. Christmas melon!

  5. A Santa Claus melon! We had one last week.

  6. A Christmas Melon… or Santa Claus melon, as it is also known : )

  7. A Santa Claus Melon!

  8. Santa Claus Melon

  9. Wendy W. says:

    Santa Claus Melon ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Oooh, is it sweet? It doesn’t look as though it would be, but that’s what I’m reading. I wish the grocery stores here weren’t so limited.

  11. Jamie Bates says:

    Santa Claus melon. They are super sweet and delicious. Only available here in the Texas Panhandle for a very limited time!!!

  12. It’s a melon. I come from the Philippi es and we call this “Melon Tagalog.” It only grows during summer. My father would shred the melon meat and then we will add fresh milk, sugar and ice.

  13. It looks like a cross between a honeydew and a watermelon! Very interesting!

  14. Santa Claus Melon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. donnaklim1 says:

    It’s a Casaba melon

  16. I thought I saw this at the grocery store yesterday… but, I’m not sure what the name is. The sign said – tastes like a cucumber and melon.

  17. Christmas melon, delicious

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Santa Claus melon ( it’s my favorite)

  19. Chinese Hami Melon

  20. Julie Huey says:

    My uncle is Chinese and introduced this melon to me over 30 years ago. Nobody my parents knew had seen one of these before that. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s delicious and sweet when ripe.

  21. Id have to agree with christmas/santa clause melon. Very delish!

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