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Buying Cherries On Amazon

What did we do before Amazon? Really, what did we do?

Okay, so I know what we did, but really has made my life, and I am sure many of your lives, so much easier. I am guessing it is has also saved you some money here and there.

I recently bought something off Amazon that I never thought I would buy and that is fruit. Dried fruit to be exact.

When we were in Oregon visiting my family a few weeks ago, my kids tried dried cherries for the first time and they loved them.

Yes, my poor kids have never had dried cherries. We eat a lot of dried fruit because it is a healthy snack, but dried cherries tend to be very expensive and three hungry kids can finish off a package of dried fruit very quickly. So, I have avoided buying them.

I though grew up eating lots of cherries. We ate them fresh, canned, dried, and just about any other way you can serve them. I love cherries and forgot how good dried cherries were until I had them again a few weeks ago.

My mom mentioned that she bought her dried cherries at Costco for a really good price. (Oh how I wish we had a Costco, but that is a whole different subject.) I was really tempted to head to Costco for some dried cherries and haul them back to Oklahoma in a suitcase, but I quickly realized that was not very practical because we had plenty of other things to haul back with us.

So, the dried cherries stayed in Oregon, but I could not get them off my mind. I really wanted some dried cherries, but I did not want to pay a huge price. I did some investigating last week and checked around at prices.

I was about to give up on finding dried cherries, but then I wondered if would have them. Amazon has just about everything else, so why wouldn’t they have dried fruit.

I checked Amazon and of course they had dried fruit. They actually had quite a selection of dried fruit, including  Not only that, the dried cherries were a really good price. Now, it is not quite as good as my mom could get them for, but it was still a good deal.

So, I bought Dried Cherries on Amazon and my box came on Tuesday. Any guesses what we have been eating a lot of the last few days? My kids love them and even asked if they could have them with breakfast today.

Now I am thinking of all the things I could put dried cherries in. I am sure they would be good in granola, granola bars, and of course chocolate covered. Not only that, now I can make my cornflake cookies the way Martha intended them to be and that is with cherries.

I choose the subscribe and save option for my Traverse Bay Fruit Co. Dried Cherries, 4-Pound Box because I knew we would want more cherries and it was a little cheaper that way, but even the regular price is a pretty good deal.

And although I know that dried cherries are not that strange, they are not something I would never have thought to buy through Amazon. So, what strange or odd things have you bought from lately?



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  1. Isn’t Amazon the best? I’ve purchased maple sugar, tea, Clear jel, honey granules, citric acid, and a Norpro Apple Master… to name just a few things! The “subscribe and save” is a great program. And with living “out in the country,” the two-day free shipping is great!

  2. Well I haven’t bought dried cherries on amazon but I think I’ll check into it. We love them. I put they in pies along with fresh cherries and in brownies and muffins too.

  3. Lynn… these are our absolute FAVORITE cherries. When we lived in MI we could get them locally all.the.time. We have one box left from our stash when we moved and now, I might try buying via Amazon for our next stock 🙂

  4. I forgot to mention — these are the only cherries that I’ve found that are produced in a dedicated facility (i.e., no nuts!!).

  5. I just bought a sunshade for my car, an embossing folder for card making, a book and 6 bags of organic lollipops. My 4 year old loves lollipops and they are good for rewarding behavior. I usually get the no artifical colors ones from Trader Joe’s but I dont get there as much I’d like since its 30 minutes away. So I thought of Amazon and ordered a bunch.

  6. What have I not ordered from Amazon??? I ordered my husband dried dates because they were better quality and lower cost than anything I could find around my area (central Louisiana).

  7. Foodwise, I’ve ordered Senseno coffee pods and Special K w/Protein cereal from Amazon. Although I’m near a bunch of grocery stores, for some reason these items were never regularly kept in stock or, in the case of the coffee pods, only came in boring flavors.

  8. try dried cherries, toasted pecans, and white chocolate in your next batch of oatmeal cookies. (drool)

  9. Alisa Baker says

    The Traverse City cherries are the best. Living in Michigan we have easy access to them. Whenever I want some of these dried ones I have my brother-in-law pick me some up. He lives in Traverse. Glad you are enjoying the treat. Put the cherries on a salad, it is delicious.

  10. Julie Huey says

    They have great prices on maple syrup. I just bought some wild yam cream for pre-menopausal estrogen fluctuations. Low estrogen levels can trigger thyroid disease (runs in my family). The wild yam cream has cured thyroid disease in our family.

  11. Are these cherries not the best! I also ordered these from Amazon after reading an article about their health benefits. I have used these delicious gems in muffins, scones, cookies, cherry-orange walnut bread and of course, in my gluten-free oatmeal. I love your website & all of your creative recipes.

  12. And…………… I thought the only reason you all liked them was because grandma dipped them in chocolate !!!!! I only caught you eating those, not the plain dried cherries!


  13. Thanks for the tip! My mother-in-law and I ordered a box through your link to split. We have a favorite granola recipe that tastes amazing with dried cherries- and they are SO expensive at the grocery store!

    • @Kristen, Thanks! I hope you enjoy them. After my mom read my post she said that the price on Amazon is actually a little cheaper than she paid at Costco so I guess it is a good deal. She thought she would order hers through Amazon next time also.

  14. I wish I could. I can’t get the same shipping rates and many items can’t be shipped here. However, I make as many dried cherries as I can when they are in season locally. I’m actually looking at my strawberries and thinking of drying some of them to add to my granola recipe as a change.

  15. the subscribe and save price is an excellent price.

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.