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Fluffy Gluten Free Waffles


Pancakes and waffles are the perfect breakfast, at least that is what my kids think. They could eat them everyday.

I have another gluten free waffle that I love, but I think these might be our new favorite.

We love these, the texture, the taste, really everything about them. These are so good that you would not know they are gluten free.

They also freeze and reheat in the toaster really well. We have been freezing and then toasting these for breakfast for a few months now and my kids love them that way. I love it because they are cheaper and healthier than the frozen gluten free waffles that you can buy.



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  1. Can the potato starch be switch to something else? What about the buttermilk, can I use almond with lemon juice added?
    These look really good.

    • I’m not Lynn, but in my experience starches are pretty interchangeable in recipes. My family doesn’t like the taste of tapioca, so I always substitute an equal amount of another starch (such as cornstarch, arrowroot, or potato) and I have never had a problem. It seems like it is the flour:starch ratio that is important to keep, not the particular flour or starch being used (at least that is what I find in my baking).

  2. This recipe is great! I didn’t have brown rice flour, so subbed another whole grain for it — sorghum since that was what you used in your other favorite waffle. With butter and syrup on them, they are better than the restaurant kind!

  3. what is the deal with buttermilk? Can I just use regular milk instead?

    I have the waffle maker you appear to have… how much do you put in and for how long do you cook? I usually only get 1/2 the height :0(

    • The acidicness of the buttermilk gives this a better texture and I don’t think it would be the same with regular milk. My waffle maker came with a measuring cup and that is what I use to make the waffles. Mine is a Belgium style waffle maker, is that what yours is?

      • yes. but regardless of what I tried,I never seem to get them real fluffy. Mine did not come with a measuring cup, it said how much to put in.

        I have followed directions to the T.

        cooked on main said for longer and then flipped,

        filled with more.. etc. very mis shaped waffles at our house. they are still consumed though!

  4. Thanks for the Great recipe. Used arrow root in place of potato starch, and subbed coconut milk with lemon juice for the buttermilk. . All the kids enjoyed these not just my gluten sensitive ones.

  5. Is there something I can use instead of xanthan gum? Thanks!

    • I have not tried it with any of the other gums, but it might work. The xanthan gum helps give it texture and helps it stay together. You could try to leave it out, but I am not sure it would work quite the same.

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