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What Is It Wednesday {Pepino Melon}

I think I finally found a hard to guess item for What Is It Wednesday. There were hardly any guesses last week, which surprised me.

But even though there was only a few guesses, there was still one person, Reena, that guessed exactly what it was.

Not sure but it looks like a pepino melon? I have only seen them, but have yet to try one.

Yes, it is a pepino melon.

And I did not like this. The taste was odd. I really do not know how to describe it. My husband and one of my daughters thought it was good, but I don’t think any of us though that it was good enough to try again. It was just a little too odd for us.

Has anyone else tried pepino melon?

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  1. I really had no idea what the thing was and without a size comparison, I have to admit it looked a little like the stripey pecans we have falling around us every other year, but yellow.

    I’ve never even heard of many of the melons you’ve been posting on these Wednesdays.

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