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Cooking 101 With Kids ebook Project

I am so excited to be launching my latest ebook today!!

Last spring I had my blog designer Joy design a cover for an ebook that I had started working on. I had good intentions of finishing up the ebook in the spring and launching it over the summer, but life got busy and my ebook got pushed to the side as other things came up.

Over the summer I was determined to finish up the ebook so that I could launch it in the fall. My kids and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, working on recipes, taking pictures, and even taking a few videos to include in the ebook. But then my daughter had two hand surgeries and life got crazy busy and once again my Cooking 101 For Kids ebook had to be set aside.

Over the last few months though I was determined to finish up the ebook because I was so close to being done. And I am so excited that it is finally finished and ready for all of you.

Cooking with kids is something I am passionate about. It is one of the most valuable skills that you can teach your kids and it is one that they will always be grateful for.

I am excited to be sharing some of the tips and recipes that I learned from my mom and that I learned while teaching my own kids.

If you have been reading my site for long, you know that I have offered free ebooks in the past to my subscribers. I do plan to continue doing a few of those over the next year, however, this ebook took a lot of work and time. It is 109 pages full of recipes, tips, and ideas for teaching your kids how to cook.

I have included recipes, pictures of common ingredients, charts for teaching measurements, tips for equipping a child friendly kitchen, several videos of my kids in the kitchen, and a printable recipe section. So, I hope you understand why I am not giving this one away for free.

Right now I am running a sale though for the launch of the ebook and am offering it for only $2.99, so it is a great time to buy it. You can find out more information on the ebook and how to buy it here.

And if you are a blogger and would like to sign up to join my affiliate program, you can read more about that here.

I hope you all enjoy this ebook as much as my kids and I enjoyed putting it together. 

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  1. Do you have a list of the recipes that are included?

  2. Lynn,

    Are these recipes easily adaptable to be allergen-free? Are they heavy on eggs and dairy?

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