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Corn and Tomato Relish

During the summertime I love to make quick and easy meals that do not heat up the kitchen.

A few weeks ago when my husband had a meeting, and I knew that it would be just the kids and I for dinner, I decided to make it a chips and dip type of meal.

I knew chips and dip would keep it easy and would be something that my kids would love. However, I also wanted to keep it at least semi healthy, by offering at least one dip that was lighter and healthier than most dips.

This corn and tomato relish worked perfectly. It was easy to make and we all loved it.

And since it is full of fresh ingredients it is pretty healthy, as far as a dip goes anyway. We don’t need to talk about the amount of chips I dipped in this healthy dip, do we?!

This is best after it has sat for several hours so be sure to plan for that when making it.


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  1. This is one of our favorite recipes. I usually add about a cup of black beans (cooked & drained).

    • I love beans in it, but one of my kids hates beans. We usually make her eat them anyway, but I was trying to be nice. 🙂 Black beans not only taste good, it makes it stretch to serve more.

  2. Love this recipe. It works great on top of chicken and fish as well. Sometimes I add black beans and a little green tabasco sauce to it. Delicious!

    • I agree it works great served on meat. And my husband agrees a little spice or tabasco added to something like this makes it even better.

  3. Will lemon juice work instead of lime?

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