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Roasted Tomatoes and Pasta

This recipe is one of those meals that proves you can make, and serve your family, a healthy homemade meal with very little time or work.

This roasted tomatoes and pasta is simple and only contains a few ingredients, but by roasting the tomatoes you add a ton of flavor without much work.

Food can be simple and still be delicious by simply bringing out the flavor in the ingredients that you use.

I have made this several times already for my family this summer and everyone loves it.



Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. That looks good! I’m making it this week.

  2. That was yummy! Made it tonight to use my old harvest of cherry tomatoes before bringing the new ones in. Probably have 8 pints again now. I’ll have to make this again!

  3. Used the tomatoes with a little onion added to make quesadillas for lunch since we didn’t have any gf pasta. I just put some on a corn tortilla topped with some mozzarella cheese and another tortilla and baked them. Yum! Its good with pasta too, we are just out.

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