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Eggs and Sausage { Freezer Friendly and Make Ahead Breakfast Idea}

I have mentioned several times in my menu plans that I often make eggs and sausage ahead to use for breakfasts throughout the week, but I have never done a whole post on how I make them.

I decided that since eggs and sausage is my favorite make ahead and freezer friendly breakfast idea, it was time that they had a post of their own. This is so easy and a very kid friendly breakfast.

This is one of those dishes that is perfect to make up in a large batch to use for several days, or to freeze for use at a later time, because really if I am going to scramble eggs it is not hard to scramble a few extra. And if I am going to cook sausage it is not really any extra work to cook a pound or two more.

My husband loves to eat these on tortillas with a little cheese and salsa. My kids like to just heat them up and eat them plain. I enjoy them both ways.

One of the questions that I am often asked is about how well eggs freeze. And my answer is that for this it works fine.

It might change the texture some, but not enough to bother us, especially if you use it for a breakfast burrito filling. Once you cover this in salsa and cheese and wrap it in a tortilla, you can’t tell they have been frozen at all.

I would love to hear what your favorite make ahead breakfast idea is?


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  1. My mom makes something like this on Sunday for breakfast….and it is SO GOOD, but I never considered freezing it. Genius!

  2. My son hates cereal so I do frozen breakfas burritos with eggs, sausage, ham and bacon. I wrap it up in a tortilla and foil and freeze. I do big batches making about 20 at a time. I also do breakfast bowls, similar to what you have done here but put a little 2% cheese on top. Then once cooked add some salsa and a bit of avocado.

  3. I love this idea! We actually do not own a microwave, is there another way that these could be reheated (and not completely defeat the purpose of making them ahead of time)? Thanks!

    • I think you could quickly reheat them in a pan on low or in an electric skillet, which would be a little quicker than cooking them, but I am not sure if it would save you enough time to be worth it or not. Cooking the sausage takes the longest, so you could cook and freeze that part ahead and then just quickly cook some eggs to add to it.

  4. Love this idea! Do you see a problem flash freezing this on a cookie sheet then putting in a lg freezer bag so it could be used as needed?

  5. I started doing this recently, but it never makes it to the freezer! You have so many great recipes and ideas. You have really helped my family get out of our rut. Thanks!

  6. We do this a lot. Sometimes I’ll use bacon, diced chicken or ham instead or add in some diced onions and potatoes.

  7. I saw this recipe on your website a few years back and thought my family wouldn’t care for it because it was too plain. I made it on a whim (because I didn’t want to make another trip to the grocery store) and my family LOVES it. I don’t freeze it. I just keep it in a large covered bowl in the fridge and it is normally gone before the end of the week. The only thing I do differently is add cheese. Thanks again for haring another super simple great tasting recipe. BTW – your One Pot Spaghetti and “Helper” recipes make regular appearances at our table. Thanks again!!!!

    • I am so glad that your family enjoys the eggs and sausage and some of my other quick and easy recipes. I love sharing ways to make life in the kitchen easier so thank you for letting me know how much you enjoy them! And yes cheese is delicious added to the eggs and sausage!

  8. Justine Liebana says

    I regularly make “green eggs” by pureeing raw eggs with spinach before preparing just like regular scrambled eggs. They can last in the fridge a few days, but I feel like sometimes the spinach makes them go bad (especially if my spinach was borderline when I first made them – it is a great way to use up slightly wilted spinach, but logical that it doesn’t last as long then). Anyway, never occurred to me to mix with sausage and freeze – great idea and one I’ll be trying soon! Thanks!

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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.