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Pasta with Roasted Vegetables

During the summer I avoid turning on the oven as much as possible. Roasting vegetables though is one of the exceptions. My kids aren’t huge vegetable eaters. Most kids aren’t. Just keeping it real for you…But they will eat roasted vegetables. There is something about roasting the vegetables that gives them a flavor the whole family loves. I love roasting vegetables and using them like […]

Freezing Green Peppers {Kitchen Tip}

This is one of those kitchen tips that many of you may already do, but I thought I would share it for those that have never tried it. Did you know that you can freeze green peppers? Yes, you can. And freezing green peppers is so easy. During the summer, and even into the last few weeks, I have had a ton of green peppers […]

Tomato Mozzarella Saute

Tomato mozzarella saute is a simple and delicious side dish. It is healthy and easy to make. And the best part is that it only calls for a few ingredients. So easy and so good! I love recipes like that. Now for a question. Do you like or buy fresh mozzarella cheese? I love to use it during the summer time because it pairs so […]

Roasted Tomatoes and Pasta

This recipe is one of those meals that proves you can make, and serve your family, a healthy homemade meal with very little time or work. This roasted tomatoes and pasta is simple and only contains a few ingredients, but by roasting the tomatoes you add a ton of flavor without much work. Food can be simple and still be delicious by simply bringing out […]

Grilled Tomatoes with Mozzarella Cheese

Grilled tomatoes with mozzarella cheese is one of those simple, but delicious summertime recipes that everyone loves. These are so easy and good! And really are a delicious and healthy summertime treat. We like to keep these simple, but you can easily sprinkle on some fresh herbs to give them a little more flavor. You can even drizzle these with a little oil, but really […]

Roasted Green Beans

Roasting vegetables is one of my favorite ways to cook them. It is quick and easy and provides great flavor. Right now it is a bit hot in Oklahoma for roasting vegetables, but sometimes I forget how hot is is and turn on the oven anyway. When you have fresh green beans it is worth turning on the oven to roast them. And I might […]

Gluten Free Zucchini Recipes

Right now I have tons of zucchini coming from my garden. That is the trouble good thing about zucchini, you can feed a neighborhood with just one or two plants. So, right now I have zucchini on my mind. What I am realizing though is that many of my old favorite recipes that use zucchini are ones that I have not adapted to be gluten […]

Grilled Carrots

The weather in Oklahoma has been quite warm  hot this year, so roasting vegetables in my oven has not been high on my list of side dishes to make. Instead I recently decided to try grilling them. Now, I make grilled vegetables all the time, but this time I decided to grill my carrots very similar to how I roast them. And I am so […]

Fried Cabbage {Cooking Through My Collection}

When many of you read fried cabbage as the title of this you were probably thinking, really fried cabbage?! Is she really talking about fried cabbage today? And let me tell you that is exactly what I used to think when I heard about fried cabbage. You see cabbage is not my favorite food, I will eat it, but it really is not something I […]

Roasted Vegetable Frittata

Nothing says summer quite like the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available. They are bountiful this time of year and I love finding new ways to use them in the kitchen I have mentioned before how much I love Everyday Food magazine. It is one of my favorite food magazines and earlier this summer Martha Stewart Everyday Food came out with a special summer edition […]

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.