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Make Ahead Mashed Potato Tip

Because Thanksgiving is next week, and because mashed potatoes are an essential part of Thanksgiving dinner, I decided to share my favorite tip for making mashed potatoes. It come from the archives, but it is one that is worth sharing again.

We all need time saving tips during the holidays and this is one of my favorites. Did you know you can cut and peel your potatoes a day or two ahead of time? Yes, yes you can and last year I showed you how. It is a simple tip that will make Thanksgiving Day a little easier.

What is your favorite tip for saving time cooking Thanksgiving Dinner?


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  1. I make the dough for my rolls ahead of time, form the rolls and freeze them. Then I just need to bake them on the big day for fresh rolls.

  2. Brandette W. says:

    Just yesterday, I for the first time made my roll dough and mashed potatoes ahead of time and frozen them. Then on T-Day I just have to remove from the freezer and bake. I am making our turkey in the crockpot this year and the rest of our sides are less time consuming and easier to through together and bake. This way I can enjoy the day with my husband and baby boy instead of stressing about making our big meal!

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