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Gluten Free Ranger Cookies

Shortly before the holidays I went into a bakery to buy some cookies for my husband’s staff and to take to our eye doctor’s office for an appointment we had. Due to all of us wearing glasses, and a few eye issues this year, we have spent a good deal of time at the eye doctor and I wanted to thank them.

So, I ventured into a bakery to buy cookies, which is something I have not done in quite some time. And can I just say that a bakery can be a rough place for a gluten free person to enter and I do not recommend doing it often because the temptations are pretty tough to handle.

Overall I did well though and my daughter and I walked out of the bakery with several boxes of cookies without eating a thing ourselves. We both knew what it would do to us and we controlled the urge to have anything.

When I was ordering the cookies though, one certain cookie caught my attention and it was a cookie called a Ranger Cookie. I had not thought much about Ranger Cookies since going gluten free, but seeing them at that bakery brought back tons of childhood memories and I knew I had to work on making them gluten free.

The next day I set out trying to recreate this childhood favorite. I started with the recipe that my mom used to make, which originally came from a lady we knew at church, who was also the wife of my high school geography teacher. That is small town living for you. 🙂  They were a favorite whenever she made them and I am so glad my mom got the recipe from her years ago.

The original recipe for these Ranger Cookies did not have chocolate chips or white chocolate in them, but over the years my mom started adding them in and we loved them that way. So, for a more simple cookie leave the chocolate out, for a special treat be sure to add it in.

The original recipe also used shortening, but I change it to butter and it worked great as well.

Have you ever had Ranger Cookies? If so, this gluten free version is a must try! (And it is a must try if you have never had them because I think you will love them!)


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  1. Karin Goodman says:

    These look really good, but I’m not a fan of coconut. Do you think they would work if I left it out?

    • Yes, I think that would work fine. I am pretty sure my mom has made these without the coconut when she did not have any. She really changed this basic recipe up with whatever she had. She has made them for years. The original recipe came from Mrs. Crowston (Brooke’s mom) and we loved them when we were kids. J might even remember having these as a kid.

  2. BohoYoga Mama says:


    I cannot eat gluten or oats (including gluten free oats) – can i substitute cooked or uncooked quinoa for the oats ? would I use the same amount of quinoa as oats listed in the recipe ?

    Thank you for any advice anyone can ive me 🙂

  3. BohoYoga Mama,
    I think they make quinoa flakes (that look like rolled oats. I would guess they would make a good substitute. Sorry, can’t help you out with where to purchase them (I am sensitive to quinoa too).

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